Sweet na, Healthy pa! : Filipino Bean-to-Bar Hiraya Chocolates

Christmas is really just around the corner, and this festive season is just a perfect time to be merry and munch all those goodies we’ve long stayed away from. Hehe 😉

Gaining more pounds this time of the year is absolutely normal and forgivable, if I may add. 😉

Hiraya Chocolates 4

I am actually rooting a for a new addition to your chocolate fixations and I was hoping you have room for more! Because this chocolate is not taking any ‘NO’ for an answer!

Hiraya is a chocolate brand you’ll definitely go ga-ga for. They have dark chocolate and chocolate bars with coffee nibs.

Hiraya Chocolates 1

72% Dark Chocolate Single-Origin Davao (85g).

It tastes fruity with just a tinge of bitterness.

Hiraya Chocolates 3Hiraya Chocolates 2

They are 100% locally sourced ingredients, all-natural, hand harvested cacao. It’s a lot healthier too than most brands, because they contain no preservatives, no additives, and no artificial flavors.

It’s even suitable for vegans.

* SRP: PHP180.00

Hiraya Chocolates 5

Hiraya x Kalsada Chocolate Bar with Coffee Nibs (70g)

A strong chocolate with hints of robust coffee. This variant is a collaboration with Kalsada Coffee – a social enterprise based in Manila and Seattle that promotes specialty coffee from the Philippines.

Hiraya Chocolates 7

You’ll never go wrong with premium coffee beans sourced from the highlands of Sitio Belis, Benguet Province

* SRP: PHP200.00


Hiraya is actually an ancient Filipino word which means “the fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations”. True to this meaning, the brand has been in great support of our local farmers, following a sustainable partnership and fair trade in building both their dreams together.Hiraya Chocolates 8

To date, they already have one (1) community composed of 58 farmers in Brgy. Malabog, Davao City

I can’t believe that after a tumultuous education of Professional Chocolate Making and Professional Chocolatier Studies from Ecole Chocolat in March 2010, here they are, ready to satiate our sweet tooth!


You may contact them through the following:


* Office c/o Roots Katipunan Unit 106 FBR Arcade Bldg.,

317 Katipunan Avenue Loyola Heights, Quezon City

* Mobile: Arvin Peralta 0917-8511685

* Email: hirayachocolates@gmail.com

* Online: http://www.hirayachocolates.com

* Social Media: facebook.com/HirayaChocolates    |   Instagram: @hirayachocolates

#BloggersPhilippines #ILoveHirayaChocolates #HirayaChocolates

Hiraya Chocolates 6


Are you excited to try these chocolates?


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SM and Globe Together?

Well, not together, together. But something really exciting is happening now! 😀


I am so psyched to know that SM Supermalls will be partnering with Globe Telecom Inc., to fire up the mall-going experience by boosting free internet services in selected SM malls nationwide.

I recently knew that it started last November this year. I usually go to SM to shop, particularly SM North EDSA, and this is just great news don’t you think?
From now on, you can save up on your data bandwidth, and be able to access everything you need online!


As a blogger, and entrepreneur, it’s highly essential to be plugged 24/7, and this team up is just going to make things a lot easier, more seamless, convenient and more enjoyable!

Being #AlwaysConnectedAtSM, customers can update their social media accounts, check out emails, review movie schedules, book a ride and get in the latest scoop on what’s new regarding dining spots, fashion finds, beauty loots, and anything that SM houses in its gigantic roofs.


Mall goers only have to connect to @SMFreeWiFi through their devices to enjoy 60 minutes of free data service.

Wait, there’s more!

SM’s GoWiFi Auto will also be available for customers to experience up to 100Mbps of high-speed internet connection with affordable promo packages starting at P15/day. All they need to do is open their device’s WiFi settings, connect to @GoWiFi_Auto hotspot, and follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the pop-up screen.

Being two the most prominent brands in the country, SM Supermalls and Globe’s tandem will surely be a major hit in giving everybody high-speed internet services, that’s going to take the SM mall experience to greater heights!


For exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit http://www.smsupermalls.com or follow SM’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your photos about your memorable moments at SM, then use its official hashtag #EverythingsHereAtSM.

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Ha? 28 ka na? : Anti-aging with Novuskin Lift

When I was 21, I never wanted to age. How I wish I could stop time, and fulfill and be the first “Forever 21”!

Haha 🙂 That age has just so many possibilities going on with it. I was a fresh graduate. I just got my first job. Everything was just a first; I could hardly choose which one to begin!

19 years old

(Left – 20 years old    |   Right – 21 years old)

22 years old

24 years old

Fast forward to 7 years, I was able to climb up a career ladder, started a blog, became a brand ambassador of some brands, hosted my own talks, spoke to workshops and seminars, got featured in 2 TV shows, dyed my hair orange, got engaged, and getting married real soon!

OMG! Time sure flies so fast!

28 years old

As I look back, I know there were a lot of things I could have corrected, and wished I had done more than what I had, but then again what else can I do right?

All we need to do is to focus on the now, and what we can still control.

I am 28, and I think my efforts pay off whenever I get shocked reactions about my age. Golly, my fiancé even thought I was 18 when he first met me! I was 26 at the time.

But seriously, I think everyone feels the same way whenever other people think that they are younger than their original age.

There could be a lot of factors that can contribute to aging: diet, sleep patterns, exercise, stress, bodily responses and adaptation techniques to stimuli, environmental conditions, preferences, etc.

Recently, I took a chance and tried to use Novuskin Lift. It’s an anti-aging product that helps restore the skin’s natural elasticity through its scientific formulation that combines nature’s finest rejuvenating extracts with marine fish collagen, L-glutathione plus vitamins, and minerals.

For my one month’s use, I have seen how my hairfall significantly decreased. My skin feels smoother too, considering that I am not much of a lotion-user.

My sleep cycle improved too. Before, it takes me some time to get sleepy, but ever since I took NovuskinLift, it is now easier for me to get zzzzzzzs.

I will keep you updated in the coming months, as I take on this #NovuskinLiftJourney.

NovuskinLift is now available in Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drugstores.

You can also check Novuskin Lift on their website and social media accounts below:

Website: http://www.novuskinlift.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Novuskin/

Instagram: @novuskin

Lazada: http://www.lazada.com.ph/novuskin-lift-30s-plus-10s-free-40956729.html

Have you tried this product? How are your results? 😀


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How to Achieve Whiter Skin (+ A Glutathione Brand Review)

I have often been asked about how my skin never gets dark despite continuous sun-exposure and long hours of sun-bathing.

Believe me, I always fancied having tanlines I can parade in the city post-beach trip, but maybe the tide isn’t just on my side.

Nevertheless, like what they say, love the skin you’re in. And I love my color, it’s the only one I have anyway.


Credits: My Beauty Ways

But what I’d like to share with you today is how I keep my skin maintain its fair color, and some tips on how you can achieve that whiter skin. Trust me, it takes time, but that’s the safer route.

Let’s begin.

1.      Protect your skin from the sun.

Credits: Newchic

Of course, you know UV rays, apart from the fact that it encourages your skin to produce more melanin, it also has the ability to damage it. So use an umbrella, and bathe in sunblock! Haha Especially for the face! You don’t want additional wrinkles and dark spots, do you?

2.      Exfoliate your skin!

Since dead skin cells don’t naturally take themselves off, you can just help them by exfoliating. 

You can either use body scrub, or use calamansi to rub in your dark areas. I use these on my elbows and knees. You can also use lemon with sugar as an alternative for the body scrub.

3.      Prick your pimples!

Credits: Fabhow

With clean hands or tools of course!

Contrary to pop culture, I think there is beauty and logic when it comes to pricking pimples earlier or using pimple-clearing speed gels.

It addresses to take away the bacteria that are inside soon before it invades more tissues underneath the skin. Prolonging the pimple or lump inside may cause more havoc as it is not yet being released.

You can see how the beauty aestheticians prick them during facials, and not let you wait until the eye appears or the pus, whether fresh or hardened, is ready to come out.

Letting the pus out sooner means you rid your skin more pimple mark space from darkening.

4.      Use your trusted organic or natural whitening products.

Credits: The Curls

These products / goodies are way safer and healthier than those that promise instant whitening. Instant whiteners have more chemicals that can be harmful.

Avoid bleaching too and its variants, as they may cause adverse effects in the future, particularly on your liver.

The liver is responsible for detoxifying all cosmetics and pharmaceutical products being applied topically or orally. So it’s not only your drinking that should be moderated! 😉
Remember, health should not be compromised with beauty. Okay, merfriends?

5.      Use Magic Cream for pimple and chicken-pox marks.


There was a time I hoarded pants and leggings for a year, and I never wore shorts or skirts. This was the year after I had chicken pox. Magic Cream was a savior and erased all the dark marks left by the pox.

I stand by this product so much. It has restored the natural transparency of my skin. My arms and legs look like they never had chicken pox at all!

6.      Don’t wear white bikinis on the beach when the sun is up.

Credits: ZAFUL

The white color of the fabric is a good reflector of the light from the sun, when it bounces back – well, you know why your face got extra toasted that day. 😕

7.      You can try Glutathione pills.

I tried KB Glutathione for a month, and while reaction to glutathione pills is relative to each taker’s bodily mechanisms, I am quite happy with the results.

My skin had this radiant glow. And even though I was a late-sleeper, I still wake up fresh and my skin looks moisturized.
My face became clearer too as some of my pimple marks turned shades lighter.

It smells very eggy and foul too, one of my indicators that it’s potent and legit.

It melts easily as I had once let a capsule stay inside my mouth prior to drinking water for like some seconds, and it started to melt.

That’s a good sign actually, as it suggests that it certainly disintegrates once it’s inside the body.

KB Gluta is available in leading drugstores nationwide and can be bought in Lazada too!

You may find them on their social media accounts:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ILOVEKBWHITE/

Instagram: @KB_whitening

I hope you learned something with these tips, and got some ideas to try! Remember, you are beautiful no matter what color of your skin is!

Got any beauty / whitening tip or idea? Share them in the comments! I would love to know! 😁
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What to Expect at The Yard Street Food Cinema (Timog Ave., QC)

“Location, location, location.” “These are the 3 things an investor looks for when they are trying to scout for a property.”

Not too long ago, you can often hear me say these, especially when I was still working as a Training Officer for a real estate company.

2017-11-19 01.37.01 1.jpg

2017-11-17 05.53.41 1.jpg

2017-11-19 01.42.21 1.jpg

Consequently, I have been spending most of my time in Quezon City, particularly because most of my events are in here, and John lives in West Avenue as well. So it definitely equates to being my favorite work and play place!

That is why my joy wasn’t quite contained when I learned that The Yard was having its soft opening. Right on time, I was actually in SM North EDSA to meet a client to deliver her bridal shoes!

I booked a ride, and head on to this newest food destination! To my surprise, it greeted so well telling me it’s only a short distance from West Avenue!

I was so thrilled how a food park is going to change the food scene on this side of town! Surely, Timog Ave. and Morato has always been ringing streets when it comes to hang out places, date nights and food trips.

Well today, the game has just started to become more interesting!

Above Sea Level 3Cheesy ChimichangaChicken LollipopsChimney Twirls

Compared to the Yard in Xavierville, I am really excited and rooting for how this place is going to be a big hit in the coming months; especially that Christmas is sooo close already!

It didn’t hurt either when the foodpark’s theme was circumvented and inspired by movies and tv series! Expect to see hints from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Lion King, Star Wars , Monsters Inc. The Avengers etc.!

The creative juices were actually on a hurricane level that night for me! I really loved how the stalls were wittily named; they were all very well-thought-of!

The lighting was also gorgeous! It made my photos more Instagrammable! To the point that I actually changed my theme! Check @encyclopevia on Instagram for you to see what I’m talking about.


It was no wonder when I saw a familiar face there too! We always see each other in random places! And it makes me feel like 21 again!

I don’t feel old at all, considering our ages are a decade apart! Haha 🙂 *Pagbigyan ang tita.

And of course, while we’re enjoying the misty lights, together with my blogger friends, we got to try The Yard Street Food Cinema‘s wide array of dishes and drinks from different creative food geniuses!

And they were divine!

God Pasta Pork BellyMac n Chicks MNC Buffalo WingsPipa House Audrey HepBURGPit Master 1Lord of The Ribs Baby Back Ribs Solo(1)

A drink bar is also situated at the far end of the whole food park – The Yard Quenchers. They have unique interactive drinks that bring friends and family together,  much like the objective for the Yard.


2017-11-18 04.03.23 1.jpg

They have fun drinks like the Ultimate Hulk Smash and The Wrath of Thor, which is already going viral as of the moment. They both need you to wear props and be like Hulk or Thor before you get to drink the cocktail. Is it served on a big bowl good for sharing for 3-5 pax. It’s also quite affordable as it is only PHP 350 pesos.

So if you’re hungry (which is like 90% of the time) head on to the groovy The Yard Street Food Cinema at Timog Ave. and I’m positive, that your food experience will absolutely be a blockbuster hit!

Turdelnik 1Top Dawg ZeebraTikka TikkaQurros Churo Nuggets FlavorsQ_urros Hoop Churros 1Jiro Jiro 3


The Yard at Xavierville – https://www.facebook.com/theyardatxavierville/
The Yard Underground Pasig – https://www.facebook.com/TheYardUnderground/
The Yard at Xavierville – https://www.instagram.com/theyardatxavierville/?hl=en
The Yard Underground Pasig – https://www.instagram.com/theyardunderground/?hl=en


The Yard Street Food Cinema- now showing, I mean, eating! 😀


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I am now on YouTube! Yay! :)

For the past months, I have been mustering all the courage I can get when it comes to finally moving and talking in front of the camera.

I have been persuaded to make a vlog as far as I can remember. Now, while I am fond and happy to speak in a live audience, filming for me, is a bit different.

Super nacoconscious ako! 😮

I haven’t mastered that medium yet. But since, what does not challenge you makes you weak, I am finally giving in!

For those of you who doesn’t know yet, I am also a public speaker. I conduct talks every once in a while. So maybe, it’s about time I record and share what I know to the rest who are not in my circle yet.

To date, I have 5 videos already! Still a humble channel, but I do hope you support me on this, and let us communicate there as well!

Don’t worry, Encyclopevia Blog is still on! I am just adding another medium for me to connect more with all of you my merfriends!

So, head on to my YouTube Vlog and let me know what you think!

Here’s my latest thumbnail:

Clearlift Treatment Facets and Figures

And oh, don’t forget to subscribe! 😀

Till then! 😀



Are you going to Blogapalooza: Generation Digital tomorrow? Maybe we’ll see each other there! If you ever see me, come say hi! 😉

I would love to meet you! ❤


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How to Get Beautiful Underarms for P250

It’s always every girl’s dream to have the perfect underarms. The kind of pits you would always want to show off and parade whenever, wherever. The kind which does not dictate your fashion as when you can or cannot wear sleeveless.

But busy schedules get in the way, especially when you cannot properly allot the time to go to a waxing salon and hair removal clinics.

Believe me, my planner gets too colorful being jotted down by work and events, that I barely have time to go and receive my well-deserved waxing treatments. 

Next thing you know, my monthly visitor is here already! Waaah! Another week to endure waxing delay.

Given that hair removal is just one step to beautiful underarms, I would just like to share some other tips that we can do to achieve the perfect pits we’ve always been craving for.


  1. Don’t shave. Ever.

I have known this before I even grew hair in my underarms. Having such a vain and beauty-conscious mother is such a blessing! Hehe :p


Shaving takes away the outermost layer of one of the most sensitive skin in our body, and prompts the underlying tissues to react and produce a tougher and darker skin.

“When skin is irritated, an inflammatory reaction ensues, which stimulates pigment-making cells (melanocytes) to generate more pigment, causing the skin to become darker,” says Baton Rouge, LA, dermatologist Ann C. Zedlitz, MD.


  1. Avoid wearing tight clothes, especially if you just had your underarm hair removed.

Tight clothes inhibits the natural growth of hair follicles causing them to go back to the skin and harbor bacteria. This is one of the reasons of painful ingrown hair.

Wearing body-fitting clothes, especially those under your arms can cause irritation, sweating, and skin friction.


  1. Exfoliate underarms with natural ingredients.

Lemon and Sugar

sugar lemon

Take a bowl, mix 2 teaspoon of granulated sugar and 1 squeezed lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your underarms, and wait for 10 minutes until it dries.

Gently scrub your armpits for around 2minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

This home-made exfoliant rids your underarms from dead skin cells, smoothens texture, and removes dark-skin-causing bacteria, leaving a more supple and bright pits


Potato Slices

potato slices

Soak potato slices in a bowl of water for 2 minutes. Rub them to your underarms after.

Potatoes have natural bleaching properties that helps in promoting bright underarm skin.


Yoghurt and Orange Peel

Yogurt-With-Orange-PeelIn a bowl mix 2 tablespoon of fresh yoghurt and some dried orange peel powder.

Apply the concoction to your underarms and let it to dry for about 15 minutes. Wait for it to dry completely, then rinse with cold water and apply some moisturizer.

This brightens your underarm keeping it moisturized and supple. Yoghurt’s lactic acid eliminates the skin discoloration.


  1. Avoid aluminum and parabens in your deodorant and antiperspirant.

If your underarms have become a bit red, swollen, bumpy and irritated, kindly check your antiperspirant to see if there are any aluminum ingredients in it; because it is one of the ingredients available in most underarm products that highly causes breast cancer among its users.


Antiperspirants basically block your sweat, which is the unnatural thing to do. We need to sweat to rid off bacteria and toxins from the body. The aluminum salt in most antiperspirants block your pores and keep you dry, but this could also irritate your skin.

The yellowing of our shirts in the underarm area is actually the stain left by the reaction of the aluminum contents with the urea (waste products from the body) in our sweat.

Antiperspirants that contain alcohol may also be too drying for some people’s skin, which can lead to irritation, as can any ingredient that ends in “-paraben” (such as methylparaben).

  1. Use natural or organic underarm skin care.

To be honest, I really had a hard time finding a natural deodorant before, but I recently saw this wittily named product that can be the answer to our underarm woes.

Pits Perfect is an all-natural deodorant spray. It whitens, fights odor-causing bacteria, leaving you fresh, cool and clean.

Don’t even start with its fragrance. It reminds me of the scent of citrus fruits and flowers combined.

I have been using Pits Perfect for a month now, and my underarm skin condition improved greatly. My chicken skin is actually smoother now, compared before.

They have clearly settled that Pits Perfect is not an antiperspirant, because the brand actually adheres to sweating, reasoning that it’s healthier and natural. 

And the best thing about this is it doesn’t have parabens and aluminum content!
I just apply 2-3 sprays per underarm, and I’m smelling fresh all day! I don’t even need to use perfume! 😀

And can you believe that this is just P250.00?

 You can check Pits Perfect in Facebook and Instagram.
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pitsperfectph/

Instagram: @pitsperfect

Contact Number: 0917 486 0966

Just comment if you have any questions! 😀

Let’s embrace confidence while investing in making our underarms more beautiful!


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5 Underrated Smartphone Brands You Should Invest In if You’re New to Blogging

A lot of my friends go to me and ask what camera should they buy since they are going to start a blog.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, I actually had the same question when I started Encyclopevia. I started researching for good brands, but I ended up calculating how many things I have to give up just so I can save up for the camera of my dreams.

And then John advised me, why not invest in a good smartphone with a nice camera instead?

A smartphone can be of so much use than a camera alone, plus you can invest in one without having to shell out that much. He emphasized that I can invest in a good camera later on, and source the funds when I finally start earning from my blog.

Aside from the point he made well, I was actually in need of a good smartphone at that moment. My old one just went ballistic and power loop-y. 😦

I wasn’t eyeing expensive and popular brands at that time, because I knew there could be other smartphone flagships that can be or are equally at par with cutting-edge features and capabilities.

With a lot of research, and late night stalking on smartphone reviews, I finally got into grips about underrated brands that deserve to become best-sellers because they are amazing, and are definitely the smartphones you should not miss!

If you’re starting out a blog, and on a budget, capturing good and crisp photos with the right gadget and brand is easy! Check out these brands, and sorry to be a perpetrator of you new found worry: choosing which one!

  1. Vivo

This is what I’m actually using right now! They have the best selfie cameras in the world!

2. Star Mobile

Are you shocked? The logo apps in their screens look too real for life! Like, you can actually pinch and get them out!

3. Google Pixel

It’s from Google! What could go wrong?

4. Xiaomi

If you’re a music junkie, you have to check out the quality of their speakers!

5. OnePlus

You get a great measure of screen real estate with their phones! These are perfect for multi-taskers!


Or are you already a proud owner of one of these brands? Show some love, and comment your smartphone’s brand! 😀


Me: Vivo! :p


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11 Fascinating Things about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ever since I watched Miss You Like Crazy, I have always wanted to see the Petronas Towers and take a picture with it. Who would have thought that you could incorporate your romantic musings over these sky-scrapers and gush over having someone to hold you forever? Gollyyyyy..


On a side note, I was a bit sad to also recall that after my mom passed away I was overwhelmed with the idea that she cannot have her passport stamped by the immigration officers anymore (I actually seriously considered on doing a move to have hers stamped also, but that may be too far-fetched from this point).


In the meantime, as to document my wish and my desire to take my mom with me, here is our photo with the Petronas Towers! Oh diba, naitawid pa rin! 😀

Anyway, during our stay, I can’t help but notice fascinating things over this country. There were surprising things that I can’t help but take photos of, and was totally blown away. I was literally keying in my notepad just in case I forget.

See here! See here!

  1. Malaysians, especially the Indians are really friendly!

I was so surprised how smiling the people were.

IMG_20170809_094216.jpgWe stayed in Masjid Jamek, and we were surrounded mostly by Indian establishments. We actually ate our breakfast in the same restaurant every morning during our stay. They were really cordial and helpful!

There was even one crew who lead us where the toilets were, even if it was meters away! Considering he had to leave his post while assisting us. 🙂

  1. Cars stop when you cross the street.


Speaking of friendly, they are very nice people too! There was even one cab driver who stopped to let us cross the street, because he thought we were going to.

I mean, if it was anywhere that’s not as friendly, you’ll probably be playing “patintero” with them just to cross.

  1. Traditional toilets are present in malls.

I remember using one in school back in the province. But I didn’t know it can be present even in modern societies. Hehe Shookt lang talaga ako. :p

  1. No guards in mall entrances.

I repeat, no guards in mall entrances!

Haha I was weirded out at first, because I was preparing to open my bag for the usual and standard inspection. But when I looked up, the door was just empty.

Not that I’m complaining, but it feels a little weird. The convenience of just going inside without any suspicion that you’re carrying something undesirable seem unnatural, but I like it.

Malaysians make me feel that they have more human-trust than any other race in the world. 😀


  1. Always ask for the non-spicy variant in food options. If applicable. 😉


This is what I failed to do in one of our breakfast mornings. I just ordered one rice meal, without asking if it was spicy. If you’re like me who’s not into the hot stuff, you could always ask the waiter to skip on the chilies.

Turns out they have the non-spicy version of your desired order. Huhu 😉 I forgot, I was in Malaysia.

Spice is a default. :p


  1. Some Malaysian words really do sound very Filipino! 😀

Malaysian Filipino English Words

These words surely made navigating Kuala Lumpur a lot easier!


  1. They have great selection of printed fashion!


If you like prints, this place is a must-visit! I didn’t know that our neighboring area, has a printed fashion lair!

I even bought Lelongs for 10RM (Malaysian Ringgit) , which is roughly 120PhP. 😀

They are sizes bigger than me, but I thought of having them tailored-fit when I get back to Manila.

  1. Fabrics are also literally everywhere!


It’s every fashion designer’s heaven! My eyes were so full just by gazing at the gorgeous fabrics! I was thinking of so many designs for shoes already!


  1. WiFi Connection is mostly for social media only.

So my advice is to buy your data sim to access other apps such as Uber. We only discovered this on our 2nd to the last day. Huhu 😥 Too bad.

But if your host, or hotel provides you a pocket wifi, then that’s a better option.

We actually just bought one data sim, and use Hot-Spot for the others’ connection. 😀


  1. Ride the Bus in KL Sentral to Airport. It’s a lot cheaper!


We were actually working on our budget, and we were thinking on how to go back to the airport. We can either use Uber and split the fare, or we can use the train, but that will cost around RM50.

Good thing we found one Filipino who advised that we can ride the bus instead. And it’s just RM12!

So of course, you know what happened next! 😀


  1. The Airport is like a mini city!

Be sure to be extra early than the prescribed time. It took us about an hour and a half from the main entrance up to the final waiting area of our gate. Or probably more than that.

It’s not because of the long lines, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is just so massive, the walking really took most of our time! And it’s a good exercise I think! 😀

Plus, they really have good Internet speed! I was able to blog prior to boarding! 😀


Of course, there are more fascinating things that we can add here, but so far here is my initial list from my 4day stay in KL, Malaysia.

Will definitely be back, and experience those theme parks! 😀

Among these, what is your favorite? Or you could also add your own personal favorite! Leave them in the comments!

I will be happy to read! 😀

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