3 Reasons .COM is STILL Waaaaay Better Than Other TLDs (.org, .net, .)

You know sometimes you get that feeling of wanting something, but you can’t have. As for bloggers, one of the similar major moments is probably knowing someone got your domain already, and it’s on a .com. Sigh. 😦


Sure you can use an alternative, like .net, .org, .biz, etc. But what is with .com that makes everybody want it? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. It’s easy to remember

People expect you to be on .com, it’s like second instinct. There are other TLDs (Top Level Domain) out there that can be good alternatives just in case your .com is already taken by another. But, there are chances that your client/friend/acquaintance might forget that you’re using a different TLD. Worst cases, they may event land on you competitor.

      2. Sounds more legit

.com still sounds better and more professional. It’s too much of a commonplace already and it’s rare that you see strong brands sporting other TLDs.

      3. Google will like you more

Google is predisposed to use their algorithms in delivering results to the user by searching .com websites first. I know, it’s kind of sad and disappointing. So knowing this should compel you to think twice before settling to a different TLD. You might as well add prefixes or suffixes in your domain name for you to score that .com .

And, so I did! Guess what? I’m on a .com already! Since it’s a tumultuous moment, I thought this deserves a post. Yay! 😀

I bought my domain in Pangalan.com , and had it site mapped to my existing blog! I was guided by Pangalan.com and WordPress. It’s good to learn new things! 🙂

Anyway, I hope this post helped you in one way or another! Comment below to share what you know about this! I would love to hear it!


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Fascination on Francis Libiran’s Bridal Collection and the Serendipitous Moment that Came After It

Serendipity. That beautiful word. It haunts me. It amazes me how momentous events in one’s life can actually be captured by a word in the dictionary.  OMG! There is actually a word for it!

And this is how it felt.


John and I hastily braved the traffic to Forever Francis Libiran’s by J Diamond fashion show. We were so excited we didn’t even eat prior to going.


We were not that late anyway, we were still able to gaze on the lovely ensembles donned by these modern brides.

Francis Libiran 2Francis Libiran 1

I love how exquisite the modern details are. I am a big fan of fusions of whimsical and geometric designs!

Francis Libiran

All photo credits are from Francis Libiran.




The engagement and wedding rings are also beautiful; they make me want to pull the months so I can get married already!


You may set an appointment with them:
 (63 2) 416 9098 / (63 2) 823 1003 / (63 2) 925 54 95 / (63 2) 416 90 98
✉️ libiran.francis@gmail.com

You may follow them on their Facebook and Instagram!


Ms. Hazel Gonzales and Ms. Maria Dimaano from CAVA were also there!  It was nice seeing them again! It turns out that they are friends with Francis Libiran, and they are the ones who did the prenup Hair and Make Up of the gorgeous couple back in Vietnam! Check out my post about CAVA!


I also happen to see my blogger friend, Roselle Cee Tee, and it was wonderful to see her again! She, later on, introduced me to Mr. MJ Racadio, a blogger, a mentor, a PR expert, and a publicist!


You probably have seen him in my recent social media posts, and that’s because he is the reason why my dream is getting a clearer direction. I cannot wait for the coming days!

Who would have thought that attending this event would make me meet someone who’s about to help me make my dreams come true! It was so serendipitous!


So, I think the lesson here is to just go out, leave your shell, and explore the world. You’ll never know who you’re going to meet, and how these circumstances will shape the world you’re about to create in the next five years!

I’m so ecstatic and inspired already!


Serendipity. That beautiful word. It haunts me. It amazes me how momentous events in one’s life can actually be captured by a word in the dictionary.  OMG! There is actually a word for it!

And this is how it felt.

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Taste Southeast Asia in Erwan Heussaff’s Pink Panda

I’ve been hearing a lot about Pink Panda, and how it became a household name in the list of great Southeast Asian food joints in Metro Manila. It is owned by Celebrity Influencer and Chef Erwan Heussaff, together with Hatch22 group (his other restaurant). It serves Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, and Filipino comfort food.


No wonder the restaurant’s architecture is also a cornucopia of different influences and features from the menu’s origins in Southeast Asia. You definitely get that modern feeling coupled with the fear that this place may charge more than what you’re prepared to pay. Because the place looks damn expensive and classy!


To appease your weary yet hungry hearts, please be pacified that Pink Panda has a reasonably-priced menu, and that’s one of the many reasons why you should visit them!


We had the Lumpiang Shang Hang, and the pieces were generously stuffed with finger chilis, minced pork, and mint yoghurt. The finger chilis were a bit spicy for me, but I really liked the mint yoghurt, as it balances the whole taste. It was really delicious; although I must say if you’re not a fan of spicy food, better keep a glass of water nearby.


Crispy Baby Squid was a surprising entrée! It was easy to chew and I can practically imagine having this over and over again!


Mango and Catfish Salad is so refreshing! This is something I would love to eat while I’m in a resort or beach! The mango accents added a tropical feel to the whole dish!


Pork and Shrimp Laksa was very flavorful. You just have to let it simmer down, because the spicy flavor and the hot temperature may not be the best combination for your tastebuds.


Chicken and Dumpling Noodle was so soft and nice to chew. The flavor tasted very healthy too!


Sisig Siopao was a big revelation too because I’ve never seen anything like this! And it’s not everyday you get to taste Sisig locked in a popular white Chinese bun! You have to see how the juice oozes out when you take a bite. It’s as though your eyes are already tasting them!


We also had Pink Panda Pork Bun, and they’re super cute! It would be a perfect gift for Panda lovers!


Chili Prawn Fried Dumpling wasn’t that spicy, and these will definitely tickle your tastebuds! I think sharing it with a group of friends would be sensational!





General P’s Chicken, Beef Rendang, Pad Thai and Panda Balls were perfectly cooked, seasoned with just the right amount of spices, and I can say that these dishes are delectable enough for you to make it a habit to visit Pink Panda!


The menu is overflowing with such great food, it would definitely be fun to try the dishes three by three every visit!  Haha I hope that my previous sentence was understandable! 😀


And plus, let’s not forget about the zesty drinks! Each drink has a distinct flavor of citrus and fruit, and it would be a nice addition to your dinner feast when you order one or two!

I was also blown away by how talented their chefs are because they practically serve the best cuisines in Asia – all in one place! Apart from Filipino food, of course, I am a big fan of Thai and Vietnamese food, considering I am not the spicy sort. There is just something special in their recipes that taste healthy and divine, which I don’t know what. All I know is that, I love eating them!


This is quite an adventure for a foodie like me. Among all the Asian restaurants I’ve tried, this has got to be the most diverse, considering it’s not even a hotel!


Overall, I loved my experience! Pink Panda is like a crossover from your favorite Asian restaurant to the fine dining one, but so much better!

Visit Pink Panda at G/F, Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago St. Cor. B. Valdez St.
Makati 2981. You can also contact them through 0927 728 8753.

You may also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

OMG. Are you excited to taste Southeast Asia?

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Caught Rib Handed at RBCTY Maginhawa

I was so skinny in college I barely eat. I had this notion that eating takes up so much time that it could have been put to better use by studying instead. Fast forward to now, I can tell how fun I must be back then. It’s a wonder how I even manage to have friends! Haha 😀


But seriously, I am so grateful that phase is already over. And to give truth to that, I recently had the chance to taste delectable dishes from RBCTY (Rib City), a food joint in Maginhawa Street near UP Diliman. I can imagine how college students in this area must be crashing on their diet on a constant basis!



I got into the restaurant and it’s apparent how hip the ambiance is. It felt so poppy, and everything seems so colorful! I actually took a fancy in their lego displays. I bet these should keep their clients busy as they wait for their orders.




We were first served with Dynamite (P188). The kick of green chili peppers and cheese made this one of my favorite Dynamite recipes. I used to be so scared trying these because I am not a spicy food fan, but RBCTY’s take was mild though, and delicious! I don’t mind taking another one or two!


IMG_20170322_193546We had the Not Just Nachos (P248), and the sauce and toppings were just so generous. I was blown away!


The main star was definitely their ribs which can come in ‘Big City’ (P898) and ‘Big City Mix’ (P838). Both can serve 4 but the difference is ‘Big City’ offers additional 4 side-eats and 4 drinks, while ‘Big City Mix’ delivers additional 4 awesome wings, 4 side eats + 4 drinks.

Naturally, this won’t be called RBCTY (Rib City) without their flavorful and perfectly cooked ribs! They are tasteful, soft, and will send your tummy in its most full and actualized form.



We also had fun taking photos!

I suggest you starve first before going here. Perhaps not eating all day so you can eat as much as you want! Hehe 😀 Kidding! But seriously, I hope you leave enough room in your stomach so that you can eat more!


Their fried chicken was extra crispy, and the pepper-ish taste was awesome! I wish they just have more gravy for all of us to share! I can be a gravy monster sometimes! 😀

We were also able to try their sweet and puffy Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake. I appreciate that it’s not that sweet because it made me want to order another one. It was evenly blended.

For me, the big surprise were the desserts! We had the opportunity to taste their 2 best-selling cakes, and they are White Toblerone (P148), Queso de Bola (P148) and Decadent Brownie a la Mode (168)  .


White Toblerone was exquisite. It tasted fine and melted inside my mouth.

IMG_20170322_201215Queso De Bola was cheese with a twist. I’ve never tasted anything like it. It’s delicious!


Decadent Brownie a la Mode reminded me of Ice Cream Brownies in La Marea in Cebu, and they are one of the reasons why I like dining in there. RBCTY’s version was more elaborate and generous; I just wish the brownie is warmer when served. There is just something special when you feel the fusion and variation of cold ice cream and the hot brownie inside your mouth – like yin and yang flirting with your taste buds.


Eating in RBCTY is one of the experiences I wish I had in college. It just makes me want to go back and experience eating in restaurants near my school, or perhaps I could have eaten more back then and fed my brain better glucose! Haha 🙂


But oh well, I highly recommend eating in RBCTY! The staff is super nice, the prices are affordable, not to mention they have the wittiest lines playing on their restaurant name! You could even have your photo taken and be caught rib handed! This wall is actually such a scene stealer, you wouldn’t miss it!

You may find RBCTY (Rib City) in 63Maginhawa St. UP Village, Diliman Quezon City. You may visit their website at www.rbcty.com or call them through 0917 871 4681. They operate at 11:30AM – 10:30PM daily!

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


Have you been here? How was your experience?


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Just Got Lucky: A Review on Master Hanz Cua’s Tarot Reading

I have always been fascinated with astrology and arts of the same nature. They just have some mystifying effect on me that I can’t help but wonder. I know that this is not an exact science nor can it be a strong reference when it comes to physical matters, but I believe there is nothing wrong if you consult and choose to be guided regarding the things you have set for yourself.

When I learned that there is an opportunity for a tarot reading for bloggers, I immediately signed up. I know these kinds of opportunities shouldn’t be let to pass you by, especially when it is with Master Hanz Cua.

Master Hanz Cua 1

Master Hanz Cua is a Feng Shui Expert, Tarot Card Reader, Astrology Master, Chakra Meditation Practitioner, Trained Psychic, and a Public Speaker.

“Master Cua continued to study and sharpen his skills through many different Feng Shui grandmasters in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, and Thailand. His knowledge of this powerful and ancient art has already lifted his status to a Sage. His years of study have gained him high respect, limitless admiration and a lot of appreciation from his many clients. These clients are themselves now very prosperous and happy with their business, careers and personal lives.” – Source

I was surprised that it was easy to go to his office. I don’t drive so I just relied on Uber to navigate my way. I typed CityLand Shaw Tower and I arrived in there in 40 minutes time from Quezon City with moderate traffic.

If you’re planning to visit him for the first time, it might be wise to tell the guard/receptionist where you’re headed, as they can direct you to Lower Ground 3 or LG3.

I was welcomed with a beautiful set-up of fortune-generous artifacts.  Glistening stones and crystals were neatly placed in their glass cases. I felt like a foreign misconception of luck when I got in, but I believe they somehow calmed my trembling spirits of what was about to come, as I eventually felt more relaxed.

I was actually a bit scared of how my cards will read. I mean, you probably feel it in certain situations when you’re talking to someone you think may know what you don’t, yet. It was not a nice feeling. But Master Hanz Cua was so warm and friendly, that these matters seemed to ebb when he welcomed me and asked me to sit down.

He introduced himself first, what he did to study the art, and what he does to keep people guided in their different paths in life.

He asked me to relax and close my eyes as I placed my hands on the cards and envision myself to connect with them. He asked me to pick some cards, and he started reading it as though he was actually reading a manual from my face.

I mean he was so spontaneous and elaborative. He cites the aspects that the cards were referring to, and how it implicates certain changes in my life. Most of my findings were positive, and this made me more confident and assured because I think I’m doing just fine.

I have a lot of worries too because I have always been accustomed to stability, but he said it was time for growth, and he sees me doing well in the new ventures I’m currently associating with. Whenever there are negative revelations, he turns to giving me pieces of advice on how I can counteract and respond to the finding. It was really wonderful to listen to him because he speaks as though he understands what’s on my mind and catches up with the things I consider even before I verbalize them.

I felt extremely pleased with our session, because I know they are worth more than any peso, and I found a lot of things that I should consider prior to my plan executions. Because you know, a girl’s got to eat and live, so I have a lot of things in my timeline. I practically would pass for a juggler, if my plans are “balls”.

So I really recommend his services to everyone, especially those who have big plans and those who are shifting from one form or faction to another. You would really thank fate that you got to read this post, and was introduced to Master Hanz Cua.

I will be coming back again together with my fiancé because he also advised that he can help us choose the perfect date for our wedding, based on our astrological signs. Well, it wouldn’t hurt either to see what date it would be. I am so excited already!

Via Galang

We also had a Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube live. I have also shared the links on my Facebook Fan Page. But for you to find it easily, here is the link.

It was so nice to host it, and assist Master Hanz Cua as he gave free tarot reading to the viewers; it was like being on live TV! I was not even prepared! Waaah! But he was so helpful in assisting me to talk in front of the camera!

He also gave me a charm bracelet with rubies, citrines, and an evil eye. Ruby stones have been an amulet of passion, protection, and prosperity. They symbolize the sun and its hue hints of inextinguishable flame.

Citrines signify abundance, wealth attraction, success and all things good. They imbibe generosity and sharing of good luck.

The evil eye stone symbolizes protection against bad fortune. It is common to be worn or hung in homes and business establishments.

Master Hanz said that he chose to give me this bracelet since my plans are veering mostly to businesses. And I am ever so grateful! Thank you very much, Sir!

He was so generous to even hand me a Neko / Good Luck Cat charm that I can hang in my home! The cat reminds me of Hello Kitty, and it looks more adorable than all of the other cat charms I’ve seen in the past.

White Cats calls for good luck and happiness, while Pink Cats attract love and romance! And oh my I got both! Yay! 😀

You may visit Master Hanz Cua at LG3 CityLand Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd. corner St. Francis Street, Mandaluyong City (in front of St. Francis Church). You may also reach him through his contact numbers at 0922.829.0382 and 717.00.54

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to his Youtube Channel too!

You can also watch him during weekdays at Umagang Kay Ganda at 7:30 AM. He recently published a book called Feng Shui 2017, and is now available in leading bookstores nationwide!

I highly recommend Master Hanz Cua and his tarot reading; and as to how he always put it “The best investment that you can give to yourself is to know who you are.”

With all that, I can say that I just got lucky! 😀

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How 3 Millennials Plan to Shape the Start-Up Scene Outside Metro Manila

Working as Training Officer before allowed me to travel to different places and meet different kinds of people. I consider myself fortunate because it’s not every day you get to have a new city as your office. In one of my training sessions, I met this guy. He was sharp and insightful. He was my student.

Honestly, I found him a bit timid at first because he just looks so quiet. Little did I know that this man has a lot to say about life, and being successful. His name is Kelvin.

Kelvin Pacelo

True to his name, as to what “Kelvin” is in the physical sciences, as a unit of measurement for temperature, you really can feel how warm his personality is. You could say that this is due to his innate ability to find ways on how to market anything, no matter what the condition and terms are.

When I left my job, I never thought that we would still connect via social media, considering how saturated our newfeeds and messengers can be. Seemingly, we are to meet in a Bloggers Meet Up, wherein he was one of the organizers. He asked me to be a speaker.

It was during our chitchat after my presentation that I got to know his story. Kelvin once had a business, when a BIR agent came and interviewed him about his enterprise and responsibilities. Kelvin willingly accommodated the agent and discussed everything he knows. After the discussion, it ended up, him paying for penalties. Hard earned money that could have been saved and used for other purposes had he known the regulations well.

Kelvin couldn’t get over what happened so he thought of a way for him to avoid getting into such situation again. He came up with the idea of setting up a firm specifically to address such concerns and other business related problems.

Lorraine B Cadingla

He also thought of setting such up to help other small businesses and young entrepreneurs. With this idea, he then talked to Lorraine, a CPA, and a good friend for her to join the company to be set up. Lorraine agreed and discussed other services the firm could offer. 

Since the plan is to start a business solutions firm, Kelvin knew he needed more help from experienced CPAs. Those who dealt with small and big business owners. This need led them to adding Wynner, which made the company even better. After all the talks and planning, they started Pines Business Solutions (PBS).

Wynner Ngoslab

“While working in public practice, I encountered a lot of entrepreneurs who had tax cases of non-compliance where they are asked to pay huge amount of penalties. Such problems arose due to lack of accounting and tax knowledge. Most of these are small businesses who cannot afford the fees of big accounting firms.

Clients wanted to pay for the least amount of money to avail such services because they wanted to save. For those who just started doing their business, hiring an internal accountant is not an immediate option since it is an additional cost. As part of PBS, I wanted to help them by offering quality services at reasonable prices.” – Lorraine B Cadingla, CPA

Pines Business Solutions

PBS was formed to serve the needs of local businesses in Baguio city including nearby provinces in Northern Luzon. Since Baguio is famously called as the ‘City of Pines’, the company was named after it.

Pines Business Solutions offers the following services:

Social Media Marketing / Payroll Management /Tax Compliance Management / Financial Statement Compilation / Bookkeeping / Business Set – Up

Kelvin, Lorraine, and Wynner have one thing in common; they are all alumni of Saint Louis University, Baguio City. While Kelvin pursued his passion in business, Lorraine and Wynner had great professional careers as CPAs.

“I’ve always admired consultants whose advice gave a positive impact not only to their supposed clients but also to their client’s stakeholders. The bits of advice of consultants such as Joseph and Daniel (Characters in the Bible) not only helped the rulers they were serving but also the nations these rulers governed. I hope that PBS would have the same impact to its clients and communities where its clients operate.” – Wynner K Ngoslab, CPA

The creation of PBS isn’t hard because the three agreed that when your services are geared towards helping others, it would be a success.

PBS is a corporation created with one question in mind, how can they help small business owners grow as they grow their business, thus a beneficial relationship.

“Being a marketer for a long time now, I’m confident with my execution and marketing skills, but I know I needed partners who have the same work-ethic and passion to continue this idea. Lorraine and Wynner are both driven professionals, working with them is like a dream come true for someone like me who wanted to become a CPA. I think they’re the best CPAs in town.” – Kelvin G Pacelo

Kelvin, Lorraine, and Wynner are proud graduates of SLU. They started PBS to help inspire other colleagues and millennials to follow their passion.

To know more about these three inspiring millennials, click on this link: Meet the Founders

I just then realized that with every story comes something unique, riveting, and something you can draw inspiration from.

Thanks Kelvin!

How about you merfriend, what’s your story? I’d like to know!


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The Newest Pampering Place in Cagayan de Oro: Nailaholics SM CDO Premier

I am super kilig with Nailaholics’ newest branch! I’ll never have to worry getting my nails done when I’m in Cagayan De Oro City!

Can you imagine being stuck in the office—amid the flourescent lights, meetings, deadlines and the humdrum of corporate life. Sometimes, all you really need to get back in the groove is to get away for a bit.


When the mood strikes, get up and head over to our newest nail salon – Nailaholics SM CDO Premiere, where you can get ushered away from the tedium of everyday life and into the relaxing world of pampering.

Set amid beautiful Hampton’s themed interiors, the destination is designed to whisk you off to sandy shores and sun-drenched landscapes with a seaside breeze. Best of all, you’ll be left under the care of Nailaholics’ expert technicians where you can expect to be pampered until your worries melt away.


You may visit us to experience the sincere pampering and nail grooming expertise of our Friendly Technicians. Located at 4th Level, Nailaholics SM CDO Premiere is NOW OPEN.

Book your appointments today: 0933-8581475

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Commuters, say hello to the new LRT App! Yay!

Are you a commuter? Do you always ride the LRT-2 either on your way to school or work? I have some exciting news for you, my merfriend!

I met a PR Expert, Arnold Allanigui yesterday, and he oriented me to the new changes LRT is doing to reach the commuters and to provide better service! I was whiplashed to know that they are launching a system, via an APP! OMG! My 17-year old self would’ve been thrilled!

The Light Rail Transit Authority in partnership with TrackMate Business Solutions launched last week, May 5, 2017 the Passenger Assist-Rail Display System (PARDS) Project at LRT-2 Cubao Station.

LRTA Administrator Gen. Reynaldo I. Berroya said that “PARDS” is exclusively designed for LRT-2 commuters to receive REAL-TIME communication while on-board the train. The project is a proprietary technology provided by an all Filipino Technology company, the Trackmate Business Solutions at no cost to the government.


In Photo: Jacque Manabat with LRTA Administrator  Ret. Gen. Reynaldo Berroya

Berroya stressed that through this technology passengers will receive real-time information on train arrival/departure, train location, news, public service and emergency announcements, passengers traffic and entertainment.

The Passenger Assist-Rail Display System is powered by GPS and updated in the cloud then translated into Audio-Video display. Forty (40) digital display monitors per trainset will be installed.  A mobile phone application will also be developed (IOS and Android) for commuters.

Meanwhile, LRTA has started its multi-year rehabilitation project aimed to improve the efficiency of the system and provide a better travel experience to LRT-2 commuters.


In Photo: Jacque Manabat with LRTA Head Executive Assistant Nelzon Villanueva

The 14 year old train system will undergo modernization and upgrading to improve its reliability and capacity. The replacement of all defective elevators and escalators at the stations, the systematic replacement of the airconditioning unit of the 10 operational trains and the restoration of 4 down trains are the main focus of rehabilitation this year.

Berroya emphasized that the LRT-2 train’s air-conditioning system need to undergo systematic replacement since most of its parts are already obsolete and unrepairable. “ We will modernize the ACU to be more environment-friendly,  energy efficient and compliant with the Clean Air Act”, he added. 


However, the project is complex and will require ample time as it goes through bidding, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning. The systematic replacement will commence this November of this year and will be completed in 2018. Thereafter, a cooler and more comfortable journey will be experienced by the riding public.

So how is that to end your Thursday night? If you’re in college now, can I just say that you are sooo lucky? Gone are the days that you have to hoard yellow Stored-Value-Cards! With the BEEP Card and this new ‘PARDS’ App, riding the LRT is going to be even better!

What do you think of this news?

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Hi I’m Via – a Mermaid, a Weasley, and Ginger Spice

I have always loved “The Little Mermaid”. I remembered watching it in VHS when I was little, and I always thought her colors are so vibrant compared to the other Disney Princesses. The animators must have splurged too many colors on her than any other princess during her time.

I mean she had red hair, purple bra, and a green fishtail. The colors are popping and shouting everywhere, but she still looks exceptionally gorgeous and put-together.

I guess, I just get fascinated with unusual things and combinations, because they practically stand out above everything else,(even though she doesn’t have legs yet in the beginning). Haha! Pun intended!


So one Friday morning, the day before my first freelance speaking engagement, I tried to have my hair dyed with the hue I am so crazy about –ROSE GOLD!

I know! Haha You’ve seen my hair in the photos and in personal maybe, but it’s nothing like the original plan, is it? Well the story is pretty basic. Nothing too special.

I went to Gem’s Salon because apparently they offer the most affordable rate I’ve seen in social media, and they have great reviews as well. So I took a chance!


I was charged P3,000 for bleaching and coloring, plus keratin treatment. So it’s a good deal already! Normally, these kind of services will give you a total of P8,000 , so it’s already a steal!


My hair was bleached, and it was a bit painful, but oh well, “All for beauty!”.


Then I had my hair coloring done. I told my hair colorist Ms Alma, that I wanted a rosegold shade. I even showed her a photo, but I’m not sure what happened, but the product came out differently.

And I am shocked to say, that I am not even a tiny bit appalled on how my hair turned-out. Actually, I even thought why I never took the courage to be bold and sport tangerine/bright orange/ginger hair before! They camouflage in different colors depending on the lighting by the way, so that’s a big plus!


Or Ginger Spice! 😀 Haha

My friends loved it; my dad said I looked like my fancy Lola, whom I call Mommy 2, and my fiancé John thinks I look like an anime character (in a good way) of course.

So I guess, it’s not too bad after all. I just have some difficulty choosing clothes. I mean, it’s also a struggle because I lack light-colored tops and dresses. I’m basically relearning how to dress up with such a loud color for a hair, but oh well, I’m enjoying it.

This goes to show that there may be times when you may not achieve the plan you have set for yourself, when life happens, you just have to be able to move on, be grateful with what you have (like I still got hair hehe) and in return, maybe create more or something much better out of it.


Life is too short to just have one hair color!


What do you think merfriends? Will you ever try to dye your hair ginger? You should! Hehe 😀 Let me know your thoughts! 😀

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How to Achieve a Killer Smile with GumAlive

Just like most teen girls, I also had my fair share of insecurities. You see, I always wanted to have a nice smile, but since I wasn’t gifted with a good set of teeth, I just have to resolve to other means.

Either I smile without exposing my pearly whites, which is a bit difficult considering how protruding my upper set was; smile a bit while consciously forcing my lower lip forward to create an illusion that my upper set wasn’t too accelerative, or the safest, but also the saddest, is to not smile at all. Period.

Either way, these methods only remind me that I can only do so much; that is why I envisioned myself to self-invest one day.

Via Galang Smile 2Via Galang Smile

Investing in ourselves is always a good thing, especially if the improvement directs you to your goal, the common good, and it enhances your quality of life. So I got braces! Haha

My parents paid for my first one back in college in 2007, but since I am not quite satisfied with the results, I switched dentists. So tadaa, after 10 years, I still look like my college self, only with ginger hair! Haha 😀

Now that I am on the road to get my dream smile, there is only one thing left! How do I maintain it and how do I keep my dental health in place?

So I guess we have to start with what we’re always used to – toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Can I just say I have never been more thankful for blogging than I am today? I got invited to the Bloggers’ Meeting of GumAlive Toothpaste, the first mouth spa in the world. And I was pretty psyched about this product.

I didn’t blog about it after the event because I want to at least try it out first, and let my friends use it, so that I can document their review as well.

So, here’s what you have to know.


GumAlive is a Thai product that is made with organic ingredients, so you’re sure that everything’s healthy and good even for the most sensitive teeth.

In line with this, GumAlive brings oral health to a new peak by spearheading the concept “The Way Nature Made It”, providing true wellness by natural elements, as it doesn’t contain parabens, SLS and Flouride.

It is also the first mouthspa toothpaste with the integration of “Bodhical” Extract, a substance derived from the widely known sacred fig tree.

There are three variants, and so far my favourite is the GumAlive Fresh Breath.


GumAlive Fresh Breath

Commonly, we brush our teeth in the evening, only to worry for a bad breath in the morning – not exactly a great start to greet your honey or family. But the most amazing part here is, just when you thought that all toothpastes are made equally the same, they’re actually not.

GumAlive Fresh breaks that myth! Woah! You should try it!

Using this cutting-edge mouth care isn’t like ordinary tooth brushing. The first time I used it, I noticed that it doesn’t bubble that much at the beginning because it neutralizes your mouth’s PH primarily. Our mouth is naturally acidic, same as the toothpaste we generally use.

Consequently, GumAlive is alkaline, which explains the absence of the bubbles. And this mouthspa just leaves your entire buccal cavity minty and fresh.

The two other variants are Natural Whitening and Special Gum Care.

GumAlive Natural Whitening

The good thing about this brand is that they have a specific product on targeted needs. Like Special Gum Care. I believe this is so helpful for those who are suffering from tooth decay and toothaches. It alleviates pain and supports overall dental health.
One keynote I highly value is that I learned in the launch that women who suffer toothaches normally have reproductive issues. So if you’re having sudden concerns with your teeth, better have yourself checked by a doctor. There may be an underlying cause to that.


I highly recommend this product, but you have to experience it to believe it.

GumAlive retails for P395 a tube, and is available at Cash & Carry, UniMart, Fisher Mall, Makati Supermart in Alabang, and selected Mercury Drug stores.

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My fiancé and our families are using it now. So maybe it’s about time to change your toothpaste brand, don’t you think?

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