Finally Studying Shoe Design and Construction

I got an email 2 months ago about a workshop I am not even crazy enough to believe. Turns out the fashion school I have been eyeing and pestering for so many years actually made my wish come true!

Finally, I get to study Shoe Design and Construction!


I remember sending lots of private messages to them just to inquire and prepare my schedule. And years ago, they actually had a workshop, but I was too busy for work to attend!

I am just so kilig with all these! Everything just comes into place, with the grace of God and His perfect timing!


If you are someone who’s thinking of jumping into your life’s next big adventure, just do it! If not now, when?

As what Steve Harvey says, that if you jump, your parachute will open. Not immediately, it may take time, but it will open one day. But if you don’t jump, you can be assured that your parachute will NEVER open.

So, just JUMP! 😀

Lets toast for chasing our dreams, and for not being afraid to be the ambitious ones!

Work on that dream! Make that idea happen. TODAY!

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Sabay us? 😀

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Wedding Gown for Rent + Giveaway

Hi merfriends! 😀

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! 😀

I have been very busy with Versaheel, and some speaking engagements, so I barely had time to blog. But goodie, I have now!

Two months ago, I uploaded my very first vlog, and it’s about my amazing collaboration with Gown for Rent.

Gown for Rent is a sustainable and eco-friendly gown and accessory rental shop located in Quezon City, Metro Manila.


Founded by Roxy Roco in partnership with the CustomThread Inc., last 2012 after rebranding from that created custom gowns.

Address: Unit 308 77 Building Visayas Avenue Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Details: +63920 9186466 / (02)7821180 / 9904957 /


Instagram: @gownforent

I actually knew about them when I was in search for a gown for last year’s Christmas Party. My then company will hold two parties on the same day, meaning, I have to change twice.

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Of course, I don’t have the time to wait for a custom dress, let alone spend big amounts of money to wear one for only 4 hours, so I opted to look for gown rentals such as theirs.

Little did I know, my blog will soon be collaborating with them! I was actually in love with the Tala Gown when I saw it on their website. I envisioned that I will probably be wearing something like this when I finally walk down the aisle.

I love how simple it is! I was enamored by beads and mesh way back 2010, and I’m sure a lot of brides and bride-to-bes appreciate that sort of design.



Fast-forward to 7 years after, trends started to influence me more, so I’d rather wear more textured dresses than beaded ones.

No wonder, this is the first gown I chose to wear for the photoshoot! It was surreal! I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! Haha 😀 I only got to see it on the site, that is why shivers of glee took over when I finally got to wear it!

Since I finally had the time to post this awesome collab, I am throwing in something more!

Up to 75% off!

Bride-to-bes, maid of honors, bridesmaids and merfriends who would like to have this gown worn by their soon-to-be bride friends, this is your chance to slash a big amount of expense!

Rent this gown for FREE, yes you read that right, by joining my giveaway!

Click this link to know more of the instructions! 😀


Hair and Makeup: Laine Cordove Makeup (Facebook | Instagram)

Thank me later! Best wishes!

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Versaheel’s First Feature Interview on National TV

Once again, I’m trying to beat myself with my thoughts on the impossibility of blogging via smartphone.

And for another moment, I’m currently eating my own words for I am here at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, parasiting on their fast and generous wifi connection. 

I am ecstatic to come home yet a little jittery for I am about to jump into a whole new world.

I was at Siem Reap when my first national tv feature interview aired. Thank goodness for Facebook!

I was able to watch myself and hear how my little dream is blossoming.

Being interviewed  was surreal. I came from a talk and had to pick up the shoes. I arrived just in time and managed to do a little retouch.

My shoes were laid flat and Ms Laila Chikadora was wonderful enough to get to know me and how I started Versaheel first, before the actual shoot.

It was just like talking to a friend actually. I never felt I was speaking to a star reporter. She was so nice!

My heart leaped heights above when she said she loved the Snaky Reed Somerhalder I gave her.

This was why we mimicked this popular emoji pose! Hehe

I would like you to know that I am just an ordinary girl, who just envisions and works very hard for all of these things to happen. 

That is why I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities and the people who are giving me a chance to show what I’m capable of.

After News5, I am set to have my first live interview for Pambansang Almusal in Net25. 

Catch me live merfriends (for real! Live na talaga OMG!) on Aug 14, 2017 Monday at 6AM.

I’m probably going to be super nerved not to stutter! Hehe Wish me luck! 😀

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How About a Shopping Weekend with Up to 80% Off?

I thought you’d click so! So it’s the Mid Year Shopping up to 80% OFF at The Off Price Show on July 14  -16, 2017!

Your much awaited Country’s Largest Roving Outlet Sale is back!

And I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us! I have been itching to shop for some clothes now, and I think this is the perfect opportunity! Not to mention all my favorite brands are there!

Can’t we just get any luckier? 😀

Shopping Festival Filinvest_Emailblast_final

All roads now lead to Alabang Muntinlupa City for the 5th year of The Off Price Show at The Filinvest Tent! Come and enjoy shopping for your favourite brands on July 14 – 16, 2017 (Friday to Sunday) from 11am to 9pm. Great Brands, Big Savings awaits you!

Participating Brands:

  • H&M
  • PUMA
  • Forever21
  • Melissa
  • Pacsafe
  • Palladium
  • Adidas Bodycare
  • Otterbox
  • Technomarine
  • Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear
  • Mel
  • Feiyue
  • Steelcraft
  • YOT
  • Daniel Wellington
  • Cross Pen
  • Inglot Cosmetics
  • Vonzipper
  • Cross Pen and Other Lifestyle brands up to 80% OFF!



If you’re not yet a member, you may also get Free Entrance Pass, just simply repost the published post below and use hashtag #offprice

Present your post at the Registration Counter to claim Entrance Pass


Kids’ Clothing such as Hello Kitty, GAP, Old Navy and more with price starts at P350!


A wide variety of lifestyle shoes like Palladium, Melissa, PUMA and many more!


A wide variety of Men’s and Women’s apparels…..


Watches up to 70% OFF!


Get outfit ideas on our Fashion Show happens every 3pm and 8pm daily


There’s also special place where guys can kick back and relax while their better halves shop till they drop 🙂


Catch WISH BUS Live on Saturday, July 15 with Surprise Guest!


There will be a Food Court where you can eat while you shop or while you wait in the line.


Don’t miss this different kind of discount shopping experience 🙂

See you at The Off Price Show at The Filinvest Tent, Alabang Muntinlupa City!

For more details, visit the following pages:


Facebook: TheOFFPRICEShow

Instagram: the_offprice_show

Twitter: @TheOFFPRICEShow

See you merfriends! I might be there on Sunday though! 😀

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When You Borrow Your Boyfriend’s Polo

I have always been fascinated with Androgynous Fashion. There is just something so special and sleek with minimalism, and looking like a total elegant stranger who means business.

I was invited to attend a mall launch, to which I will blog about soon, and I was really inspired to wear something plain, and very tamed. I will be meeting the CEO, so I thought this wasn’t the perfect time to wear my too-happy and printy outfits. Hehe 😀

Let alone my hair color scream for me! 😀

Anyway, do you remember this photo? This was taken in the Forever Francis Libiran Fashion Show in April.


John Tancuan

John was pretty dashing that night, and this is actually one of my favorite Chinese polos of him. I asked him to wear this to the event, but he had other clothes in mind. Hmpf! :/

And then, I thought to myself, if he doesn’t want to wear it, why can’t I wear it instead? It would be totally intriguing and would be really fun to experiment since it’s a first time for me! 😀

So here is what I’ve come up with.

Via GalangVia Galang

My strong affinity to blues right now is caused by my orange hair color. If you had the chance to check the color wheel, orange and blue are perfect for each other as they are complementary in the wheel, same as with red to green, and purple to yellow.

I had the polo tucked in, and rolled the sleeves up to my elbows. It was still big for my frame, so I just had to do some folds to make it look more seamless for my torso. I paired the top with my black skater skirt to balance the masculinity.

Since I want to keep everything lowkey, I opted for a monochromatic turn for the shoes and bag.

Still so proud of my Versaheel Snaky Reed-Somerhalder heels in Sky. My trusty Parisian satchel also made the look very put-together.

Via Galang

The braid was an expriment too. Had to do something with unruly hair. 😀

The whole look reminded me of K-Pop Fashion, since I’m also getting a few hints on this fad. I thought maybe a pair of glasses should cinch everything together.

I had this full-rimmed specs last year, and I’m drawn with cats’ eye frames because they are just too stern and sexy for my life.

However, John’s friends were too keen in the glasses department and asked me to try on theirs.

The left one is Ryan’s, fashioned with only upper glass rims, while Joseff’s, the one on the right has very thin ones. The former said that I should be getting these kinds of frames to suit my relatively small face.

Looking at these photos, I think he’s right. The full-rimmed cat’s eye  glasses were occupying most of my head because the sides are thicker, while these two latter styles are very complementing, and gentle when it comes to accentuating my face.

I learned one thing that day! So yes, I have to buy something like this sooner!

Aren’t spectacles just subtle yet essential things to achieve either preppy or kpoppy looks? What do you think? 😀

Would you even dare wear a man’s fashion piece? Have you tried it? 😀

I wanna know! 😀


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Fascination on Francis Libiran’s Bridal Collection and the Serendipitous Moment that Came After It

Serendipity. That beautiful word. It haunts me. It amazes me how momentous events in one’s life can actually be captured by a word in the dictionary.  OMG! There is actually a word for it!

And this is how it felt.


John and I hastily braved the traffic to Forever Francis Libiran’s by J Diamond fashion show. We were so excited we didn’t even eat prior to going.


We were not that late anyway, we were still able to gaze on the lovely ensembles donned by these modern brides.

Francis Libiran 2Francis Libiran 1

I love how exquisite the modern details are. I am a big fan of fusions of whimsical and geometric designs!

Francis Libiran

All photo credits are from Francis Libiran.




The engagement and wedding rings are also beautiful; they make me want to pull the months so I can get married already!


You may set an appointment with them:
 (63 2) 416 9098 / (63 2) 823 1003 / (63 2) 925 54 95 / (63 2) 416 90 98

You may follow them on their Facebook and Instagram!


Ms. Hazel Gonzales and Ms. Maria Dimaano from CAVA were also there!  It was nice seeing them again! It turns out that they are friends with Francis Libiran, and they are the ones who did the prenup Hair and Make Up of the gorgeous couple back in Vietnam! Check out my post about CAVA!


I also happen to see my blogger friend, Roselle Cee Tee, and it was wonderful to see her again! She, later on, introduced me to Mr. MJ Racadio, a blogger, a mentor, a PR expert, and a publicist!


You probably have seen him in my recent social media posts, and that’s because he is the reason why my dream is getting a clearer direction. I cannot wait for the coming days!

Who would have thought that attending this event would make me meet someone who’s about to help me make my dreams come true! It was so serendipitous!


So, I think the lesson here is to just go out, leave your shell, and explore the world. You’ll never know who you’re going to meet, and how these circumstances will shape the world you’re about to create in the next five years!

I’m so ecstatic and inspired already!


Serendipity. That beautiful word. It haunts me. It amazes me how momentous events in one’s life can actually be captured by a word in the dictionary.  OMG! There is actually a word for it!

And this is how it felt.

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Church Windows

One of the best things about my work is that we don’t follow a stiffly structured dress code. I mean, sure we wear corporate outfits and formal attires, but the people in our department believes that we can always work on something interesting and practical. Hence, the trendy corporate ensembles!

We define it as something more upbeat than smart casual, but slightly below or nestling around formals. We occasionally wear this kind during events and mall-wide open houses. I infer this is our take on not looking typical and boring, knowing that the real estate industry is somehow veering on those two adjectives.


I like dresses very  much, because they are easy to wear. You wouldn’t have to think what top or bottom will match. They also basically cover the important parts of your body. They make me look taller – and these longsleeves dress give hints on looking demure and conservative, a perfect combination for work!


I love how the prints on this dress remind me of the movie Seklusyon. When you’re far from me, it’s a tad difficult to discern what kind of images they are, but as you look closely you can see how intricate the church window details are. I am actually in awe how this made me look extra-scholarly, so I opted to put on some red-rimmed eye glasses to match the general hue of the prints and of course my hair!

What do you think loves? 😀


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A Printed Gown on a Formal Event – Why Not?

In choosing clothes for special occasions, it may be a tad difficult to pick something beautiful that is not expensive, let alone something that you can use again. This is my dilemma when I knew I had to have two gowns for a back-to-back Christmas party in one day.

Actually, I can opt to wear a single ensemble the whole day and just revamp it with some accessories on the second event. But no! The too maarte girl in me insists that I shall wear TWO, and no one can stop me from doing so.

I tried searching in my closet for gowns I have used in the past. One was the bridesmaid dress I wore in a wedding, and I was considering the other gowns I used at prom and in a pageant. Yes, my prom dress still fits me to this very day! Haha :)) Considering that it has been twelve years ago! Oooh. Time doesn’t fly, it apparates!

Anyway, much to my luck, I found this!


This gorgeous dress is from Macy’s, and it has been in our possession for more than 3 years. And we never wore it! Not even once! Ever! When I say, “we”, I mean me, my sister, and Mom. We basically share the same dress and shoe size, so it’s like having two other mes. It’s crazy!

The reason why, is because it came in size Large, so naturally we can’t dance our way inside it. Since the prints are too magical to just be confined in the darkness of our cabinets, I had it adjusted in one of the seamstresses in the city. I was shocked because I only spent P200! That’s like more than 90% off from the budget I was alotting in buying a new gown! Thank heavens for unexplored closet corners! Haha 😀


I added a mini gold leafy diadem to accentuate the gold details of the gown, not to mention as an additonal mark to achieve that Greek goddess look too! 🙂


I believe the gown is not very conforming to the strict idea of formal wear. The material isn’t silk, lace, or anything usual that depicts the formal wear ideals. However, I want to make the night extra fun  by not trying to look like everyone else. That is why this printed gown is just perfect! I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised seeing someone wear the exact same dress.


I adore its back detail, and how elegant the V shape is. It reminds me of flirty and elegant fashion. Plus of course the whole gown just screams a modern and classy take on formal dresses. So I think there is no fear when you try to wear unconventional clothes, as long as you can carry them well, with your head held high of course.

After all, you give meaning to the outfit you wear, and not the other way around.

What do you think of this merfriends? 🙂


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My Sinister and Wicked Tendencies On Shoes

Roll call. How many of you are self-confessed shoe-o-holics?


Of course my hand is already up in the air mid-question!

How many shoes do you have? Can you even count them? If your answer is “No”, congratulations! You truly are a shoe-o-holic!

To keep the momentum extra high, I’m following up my first shoe story, or should I say SHOErt story with a second one. 😀


I wasn’t planning to buy anything that day. I just wandered into H&M aimlessly. You know how it lures us with those big red posters of theirs, with letters S-A-L-E plastered on them. They have magnetizing powers, so it seems!

Of course, the shoe section greeted me happily and invited me over! Who am I to resist. They are all so beautiful and welcoming! And then, some-shoe said “hi!”


This beautiful pair was perked quietly on the lower shelves. Since it’s in plum color. I repeat, PLUM! I thought, what better way to unveil my inner wicked and sinister tendencies, (apart from plum lipshades) than through shoes! They are the periods in every fashion statement anyway!

The big and final decision to buy came, when it was the last size 7 in stock. I mean, it happens all the time! Why do I always get the last pair! But, seriously no complaints here!


Brand: H & M

Where I Got It : H&M Robinson’s Magnolia

Original Price : P1,999.00

My Steal: P999

Shoe type: PeepToe D’Orsays

Material : Suede

Heel height: 3 inches

Design: 8/10

It looks simple, and very 1950’s, very vintage. But the color added a modern take to it.

Comfort Ratio: 9/10

Surprisingly, they are as comfy as flats! I mean I used this pair one time to an event in Makati, and I came from San Juan, mind you, and I never felt the nerve to switch into flats. I could have sworn not to bring that extra bag. After all, I survived by just donning these!

Versatility Ratio: 8/10

Since plum is so dark as the soul of the black color, it can literally be worn mostly with anything!

Best worn with:

Vintage dresses, with skirts ending above the knee. This design comes with ankle loops, thereby cutting your legs, in extension your height. You will look short when you pair shoes with ankle loops with midi or below-the-knee skirts.

Value for Money: 8/10

With its comfortable insoles and feel, this pair gets a high 8. Although, I could wish I got it for a lower price too. Frugal me!


I am excited to exchange SHOErt Stories with you my dear merfriends! What’s your latest buy? Tag me in IG @encyclopevia and let me see!


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New Shoes Heal Broken Hearts


New shoes heal broken hearts.

We often hear the quote “Good shoes take you to good places.” But I’d also like to say that “New shoes heal broken hearts.”; like a new found love.

There was actually a time when new pairs made me feel better after a broken heart. I mean it sounds way too materialistic but fellow shoe-o-holics understand…right? Laying your eyes for the first time on a pair of shoes you never thought you’ll find is literally love at first sight. You don’t know yet how it will make you feel once you wear it, comfortable or not, but who cares, you have just seen the most beautiful man-made creation ever. And nothing matters.


But of course, you got attracted to it first, but once your feet touch the sole, and for one fleeting moment you know it’s just meant to be! You were bound to be astray in this store, and it will make you feel lost, and found at the same time! Your heart can’t just stop beating, and you know deep down, you deserve these. You even have an outfit in mind! 😀

So, my fellow merfriends, I would like to share a special spot in my blog about the lovely shoes that I wear to work, to parties, to speaking engagements, to events, and to my literally aimless wandering in the beautiful places of the world.

And for my first shoe post, please applaud my sturdy splatter shoes from Janylin.

I actually first saw this shoe design last June 2012, but was a bit hesitant to buy it, since it was a bit too much for my paycheck at that time. Months after, I saw them again on sale! Size 6 was on display, and I had a hunch that it may be the last one because of its astonishing price of 299! To my good fortune, the saleslady said both colors were available for my size, which is 7! Without further ado, I asked her to get them for me for there was no way these shoes will not carry my feet. I was jumping with joy!

Good gracious, to think that I was in the store because we were supposed to buy new school shoes for my sister! Haha My family was actually in shock when I came up to them with 2 bags, to think that my dad only gave me 500 to get myself something. Nauna pa raw ako makahanap!

Oh well, when it comes to shoes, you have to be aggressive! And if the shoe fits, buy it in every color! It was a bit sad that the other variant wasn’t available anymore. There was actually a rainbow splatter variant.

Brand: Janylin Shoes

Where I Got Them: Sta. Lucia Department Store

Original Price : P1,799.00 (a pair)

My Steal: P299.. each

Shoe type: Platform Pumps

Material: Faux Leather

Heel height: 4.5 inches

Design: 10/10

It’s perfect for my life! I can always repeat and mismatch plain clothes; give them extra oomph by just wearing these statement heels, and voila, my #ootd is saved! Thanks to my Janylin splatter heels!

Comfort Ratio: 7/10

They feel nice on the feet. The sturdy heels (not to mention the design) are good enough to carry your weight, although when they were new I still have to put some shoe gels to protect the skin over my calcaneal tendon, to prevent it from developing blisters.

Comfort Duration: I use this for training and I can withstand wearing it for 3 hours straight; then I switch back to flats for 1.5 hours, then wear them again for another 3 hours.

Versatility Ratio: 6/10

The shoes are a show-stopper in itself, so I try to wear them with less loud clothes such as plains and monochromatic pieces. But apart from that, I can wear them with anything as long as its Black/White and Blue/Green/White!

Best worn with: Black and Whites, Blue and Greens, Jeans, and Dresses

Value for Money: 10/10 !

I got them on sale, and at 83% off to boot! And with THIS design, what more can I ask for? Thank you shoe goddess!



Perhaps this is my most successful bargain for platform heels yet! What do you think? Do you also have the same shoe story? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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