11 Fascinating Things about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ever since I watched Miss You Like Crazy, I have always wanted to see the Petronas Towers and take a picture with it. Who would have thought that you could incorporate your romantic musings over these sky-scrapers and gush over having someone to hold you forever? Gollyyyyy..


On a side note, I was a bit sad to also recall that after my mom passed away I was overwhelmed with the idea that she cannot have her passport stamped by the immigration officers anymore (I actually seriously considered on doing a move to have hers stamped also, but that may be too far-fetched from this point).


In the meantime, as to document my wish and my desire to take my mom with me, here is our photo with the Petronas Towers! Oh diba, naitawid pa rin! 😀

Anyway, during our stay, I can’t help but notice fascinating things over this country. There were surprising things that I can’t help but take photos of, and was totally blown away. I was literally keying in my notepad just in case I forget.

See here! See here!

  1. Malaysians, especially the Indians are really friendly!

I was so surprised how smiling the people were.

IMG_20170809_094216.jpgWe stayed in Masjid Jamek, and we were surrounded mostly by Indian establishments. We actually ate our breakfast in the same restaurant every morning during our stay. They were really cordial and helpful!

There was even one crew who lead us where the toilets were, even if it was meters away! Considering he had to leave his post while assisting us. 🙂

  1. Cars stop when you cross the street.


Speaking of friendly, they are very nice people too! There was even one cab driver who stopped to let us cross the street, because he thought we were going to.

I mean, if it was anywhere that’s not as friendly, you’ll probably be playing “patintero” with them just to cross.

  1. Traditional toilets are present in malls.

I remember using one in school back in the province. But I didn’t know it can be present even in modern societies. Hehe Shookt lang talaga ako. :p

  1. No guards in mall entrances.

I repeat, no guards in mall entrances!

Haha I was weirded out at first, because I was preparing to open my bag for the usual and standard inspection. But when I looked up, the door was just empty.

Not that I’m complaining, but it feels a little weird. The convenience of just going inside without any suspicion that you’re carrying something undesirable seem unnatural, but I like it.

Malaysians make me feel that they have more human-trust than any other race in the world. 😀


  1. Always ask for the non-spicy variant in food options. If applicable. 😉


This is what I failed to do in one of our breakfast mornings. I just ordered one rice meal, without asking if it was spicy. If you’re like me who’s not into the hot stuff, you could always ask the waiter to skip on the chilies.

Turns out they have the non-spicy version of your desired order. Huhu 😉 I forgot, I was in Malaysia.

Spice is a default. :p


  1. Some Malaysian words really do sound very Filipino! 😀

Malaysian Filipino English Words

These words surely made navigating Kuala Lumpur a lot easier!


  1. They have great selection of printed fashion!


If you like prints, this place is a must-visit! I didn’t know that our neighboring area, has a printed fashion lair!

I even bought Lelongs for 10RM (Malaysian Ringgit) , which is roughly 120PhP. 😀

They are sizes bigger than me, but I thought of having them tailored-fit when I get back to Manila.

  1. Fabrics are also literally everywhere!


It’s every fashion designer’s heaven! My eyes were so full just by gazing at the gorgeous fabrics! I was thinking of so many designs for shoes already!


  1. WiFi Connection is mostly for social media only.

So my advice is to buy your data sim to access other apps such as Uber. We only discovered this on our 2nd to the last day. Huhu 😥 Too bad.

But if your host, or hotel provides you a pocket wifi, then that’s a better option.

We actually just bought one data sim, and use Hot-Spot for the others’ connection. 😀


  1. Ride the Bus in KL Sentral to Airport. It’s a lot cheaper!


We were actually working on our budget, and we were thinking on how to go back to the airport. We can either use Uber and split the fare, or we can use the train, but that will cost around RM50.

Good thing we found one Filipino who advised that we can ride the bus instead. And it’s just RM12!

So of course, you know what happened next! 😀


  1. The Airport is like a mini city!

Be sure to be extra early than the prescribed time. It took us about an hour and a half from the main entrance up to the final waiting area of our gate. Or probably more than that.

It’s not because of the long lines, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is just so massive, the walking really took most of our time! And it’s a good exercise I think! 😀

Plus, they really have good Internet speed! I was able to blog prior to boarding! 😀


Of course, there are more fascinating things that we can add here, but so far here is my initial list from my 4day stay in KL, Malaysia.

Will definitely be back, and experience those theme parks! 😀

Among these, what is your favorite? Or you could also add your own personal favorite! Leave them in the comments!

I will be happy to read! 😀

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11 Things to Know Before You Go to Siem Reap, Cambodia

This year, my friends and I just deliberately booked one-way tickets to Siem Reap, Cambodia. My friend was so inspired to see a wonder of the world, and since Angkor Wat is the nearest to the Philippines amongst the others, we opted to go and check it out for ourselves.


I got so fascinated with the country, that is why I have compiled some things that may come in handy to guide you as you embark on your much-anticipated Cambodian adventure!

  1. Cambodians accept US Dollars.

I had my Philippine peso money changed in NAIA, and was so surprised I need not exchange them for Cambodian real!


It’s a bit difficult to convert reals to dollars as it will take thousands of reals for only one dollar. So better stash those 1 and 5 dollars with you!


  1. WiFi is not present in most places.

I actually do not have some trouble with this. I like being immersed with the experience first, and maximize what these new places have to offer. You can always upload photos when you are back in your hotel anyway.


  1. Tuktuk is the main mode of transportation.

Unlike ours, they don’t have trains, cabs and jeepneys in Siem Reap. All of these public vehicles are all equated to “tuktuk”. It’s more of like a tricycle. You can find them anywhere, and they are sturdy enough as you explore this side of Cambodia.

We found our Tuktuk driver, Toma, through our booked hotel.

  1. Most hotels have swimming pools.

I was so surprised to know that our hotel is only about P700 a night, but I didn’t expect that surprises were supposed to stop there! Turns out, we have a swimming pool!

So if you are planning to go to Siem Reap, please make sure you pack a bikini too! Or a monokini, perhaps! They are a little conservative.


  1. Bring more conservative clothes.

Speaking of “conservative”, I was so worried, that all I packed were just either pants or long skirts, which led me a little while in packing, because I had to borrow my sister’s skirts. I didn’t bring any shorts.

But you can actually wear skimpy outfit during the tour, knowing that it is too hot in Cambodia around August.


But switch them with your long flowy pants and peasant skirts once you go to Angkor Wat. People will advise you to wear longer / below-the-knee bottoms because you are visiting sacred temples.

Some tourists were wrapping their scarves around their waists as a make-shift to cover their legs. Opt to wear sleeved tops too!


It’s really hot so, tiis-ganda na lang! We have to respect their culture, merfriends! 😉

I suggest you wear colorful clothes, to provide contrast for your photos! Your backgrounds will be detailed but their colors will only be brown and grey. So be sure to not wear these colors on your Angkor Wat visit!



  1. Bring water all the time. It’s terribly hot! And oh, a hat too!

Since umbrellas are prohibited in your hand-carry, make sure you have one in your luggage, if you ever have to check in one. But a hat will also help you bear (not beat, it’s unbeatable!) the heat!

Water is expensive inside Angkor Wat, and you have to literally do the “temple run” if you want to visit as many temples as you want! You can even purchase a 7-day Angkor Wat tour tickets if you want to visit ALL the temples! 😀

Bring a lot of endurance as well! 😀


  1. Vendors can be a little persistent.

We went to Siem Reap Old Market to buy some clothes and trinkets. What I noticed is that they can be a little persistent, but I have to commend that most of them have good salestalk skills.

You can haggle of course, but if they allow the price that you want, it would seem that you have to buy the product. It would be, as I take it, rude, if you proposed a price lesser than their market value, to which they agreed, and decided not to push through with the purchase.

So if you don’t have plans on buying a certain product, try not to ask and have them get it for you, especially if the product needs some extra effort to retrieve (like if they are hung on the walls or located somewhere else).

If you have to decline, just be firm and polite, and smile! 😀


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

  1. The Killing Field will crush your heart.

Toma, our Cambodian Tuktuk driver took us to a place called the “Killing Field”.  In this place you are to be enlightened about the history of the country, and how it rose from the ashes during their past government.

I felt a sudden shudder of compassion and sorrow just by thinking how many people had to die, even though it wasn’t their time yet. I guess apart from every person’s battle, there are also life situations in different places around the world that predispose you to a battle you never thought you had to endure and survive. Let alone, you had to prepare for.

In respect for this, I reserved the chance not to take photos.


  1. There are less Filipino travellers.

I was a bit homesick when I was there. I didn’t hear any Tagalog-speaking tourists as much as I did when I was in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

I think I only heard 3 Pinoys in the entire trip in Cambodia.


  1. Cambodians recognize easily if you are a Filipino.

We Pinoys actually look like either Cambodian, Vietnamese or Thai. But the locals tend to recognize us here through our accents, and our happy and smiling vibe.

I asked them how did they know we were Filipinos, and these were their feedback. I was very flattered! Hehe 😀

Manny Pacquiao sure is popular, but Vice Ganda is also a  favourite!

When they knew that I was a Filipina, I was often asked if I know Manny Pacquaio. But what was funny is that the questions were followed if I know Vice Ganda! They were chanting Pak Ganern as well! 😀


  1. Kid vendors in Angkor Wat accept Philippine Peso!

Dibaaaa? Why? But I’m not complaining! Hehe 😀

It is a good option especially if you ran out of US dollars. The kids were very persistent too! They were willing to give more discounts, but I’m not sure if this is only selective for Pinoys.

There are so many things to experience in Siem Reap, you just have to stretch an open heart to accept their culture, and be relative in understanding what this country went through, and what they have to do to bring peace and achieve progress.



If you are going through something, it would be nice to go here and find your inner peace. Promise, they are the calmest people I’ve ever met!

I hope you like this post! Share your thoughts in the comments! 😀


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Nailaholics Clears Floo Network to Transport You to London

“Wingardium Leviosa!” “Expelliarmus!” “Ridikkulus!”

These are just some of the spells I grew up with while being engrossed in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I usually read the books, with a made-up wand at hand, while chanting the spells cast by the characters in the series.

I have never been more animated by a book.

I’ve read all the books, and watched the movies. Saying that I am a fan is an understatement. Muggle-born or a Squib might be the better term.

Golly. I hate being a Muggle! That is why, it has always been my dream to visit London, and experience the magic in the world of wizards and witches!

Harry Potter

I am pretty sure, that you’d want to visit London too! Either you’re a fellow Potterhead, a traveler, or someone who’d like to visit some friends or family there, this may come a bit of a shock <insert Prof. McGonagall’s tone in Chamber of Secrets>

Haha “Don’t worry, you don’t need a Mandrake root to heal! 😀


Growing up in the Pacific gives one an unrelenting desire to visit the Western World. Everyone dreams of exploring a European city even just for once in their lives and this yearning is something that does not go away even when they grow older. With Europe’s most beautiful cities waiting to be visited, a top European destination seems to make it on everyone’s travel bucket list – and that is no other than the beautiful city of London.


Being Europe’s third biggest city, London is home to some of the world’s best attractions and activities. Wandering through one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, one cannot help but gush in awe and admiration with what this city presents.

Experience a place that is sprawling with enriching galleries and museums which everyone can visit for free. Hop on London’s famous double-decker bus for an effortless sight-seeing tour and for a more thrilling way to view this splendid city, hover above while in the London Eye.


With all that there is to see in this majestic city, one cannot miss out the striking Big Ben and Nelson’s Column – landmarks that almost complete a London trip but there is still so much more to discover. These and more are in store for the loyal customers of the country’s number one nail salon and pampering destination.


Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa pinned London as the perfect destination for relaxation and pampering with their “Escape to London” promo. “It is our top priority to provide the best and real pampering experience to our customers. We want to show how we value them and in an effort to show our appreciation and gratitude for their support and loyalty.”

Nailaholics 3

Last year they gave out a Maldives getaway and this year, they are going further and treat them with a chance to win a free trip to the enchanting city of London” said Lorraine Baterina, Brand Manager of Nailaholics.

“By simply availing any of Nailaholics’ pampering packages starting from June 1 to September 30, 2017, a customer is entitled to a raffle entry for a chance to win a getaway vacation of 5 days and 4 nights to London for two” added Baterina.

It’s time to grab the chance to walk the streets of London with your mate in exchange of a genuine pampering experience.

Watch out for more exciting and rewarding promotions from Nailaholics by visiting its website at http://nailaholics.com/ and Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/nailaholics/.

Yay! Now, who needs a broomstick or a Floo Powder? 😀

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The 5 People You Meet in Madison 101 Hotel + Tower

the five people you meet in heaven
Have you read the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom? It’s quite a good read, that is why I can’t help but associate the title to my recent stay at a hotel in New Manila, Quezon City. I may not have been in heaven (not in a rush too, by the way), but Madison 101 Hotel + Tower surely made me feel how it may be like.

I got invited to see and experience the benefits and tranquillity brought about by staying in this hotel, which I will be sharing in a different post too. But for now, let me introduce to you how this establishment can cater you to your needs, whatever, whenever.

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is located at 1 Madison St. corner Aurora Blvd., New Manila Quezon City. I have studied and worked in the very same area, but I never really got the chance to check them out. Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit them, and gaze upon the fact that this is no ordinary hotel. I mean seriously, how can one building have all these people inside them!

So read on, you might actually find the same people such as yourself!

  1. Travelers

I realized that not all hotels are created equal; this one definitely is something you can call small but terrible.


Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is ideal for travelers and staycationeers. It’s easy to locate, as it is nestled on the highway, and is surrounded by convenience stores, banks (just in case you need extra cash), and eat-out places. This hotel is also very accessible, plus you have a lot of transportation options! You can ride an Uber, Grab, Cab, jeepney, and even the train.

Their hotel rooms are also beaming with luxury and comfort. I just love the scents of freshly washed linens and flowers; they make the ambiance more relaxing.


The toilets are complete with all the necessary beauty tools and liquids too, so you literally just bring yourself and some clothes and you’re all set!

They also have literally a lot of plug outlets, so you’ll never be bummed by forgetting of bringing extension cords. You’re all going to be gadget and battery-happy.

  1. Big Events People (Weddings,, Debuts, Dedications, Christenings, etc.)


Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

Being newly engaged, I was extremely delighted to know about this. My friends are also tying the knot soon, so I really recommend having Madison as either their wedding prep place, or reception, or maybe both!


Just look at this Premiere Suite that took my breath away! This dramatic window just says it all! Not to mention, Little Baguio Terraces can be seen in the background! There are just too many stories to tell if this becomes my prep place!


You see, I used to conduct product training and site-orientations in this condominium! 🙂


And look, there’s Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church! You can get married in just about 5 minute-walk away from Madison!

This hotel can also be a prep place + event venue for a debutante! In a girl’s life, I believe this is one of the most endearing events we always look forward too.


Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

At 15, we can’t wait for the three more years we have yet to experience and endure until the day we can be called  ‘legal’. But we plan it anyway. The colors, the theme, the 18 roses, the 18th rose, and everything. I am just so pleased to know that this hotel offers packages for this momentous event. Like ”Yes, I’m going to be a lady now, and it’s happening at Madison!” How swanky can you get?


Also, they have their in-house caterer, and that’s a big plus! Should you have your own choice of caterer, you can always talk to the management about this arrangement.

The Skydeck boosts about a spacious 150 sqm venue enough to cater up to 180 people! You’ll never worry about fitting all your family and friends for your big event!

  1. Intimate Gatherings People (Private Celebrations, Intimate Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Mini Reunions,etc.)

The Presidential Suite is the perfect venue for intimate gatherings. Located at the top floor, this intimate room has a luxe kitchen, bedroom, mini bar, Jacuzzi, sprawling living area where you can conduct videoke and games and whatnot!


This basically spells Blaire Waldorf penthouse meets How I Met Your Mother pub! It’s definitely one happy place! And it’s gonna be, LEEEE-, wait for it, GENDARYYYYYYY!

  1. Students

    Can you believe that they also have training, meeting, and seminar rooms, all for you to decide and request on how will the tables be arranged.meetingseminar

Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

During my checkout, I also saw some students, still in their uniforms ready to attend their review for an upcoming exam. I think this is highly convenient for them, because Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is so easy to navigate, and is commuter-friendly!

This also gave me an idea on where to conduct my next seminar! This is just so cool! It’s literally in the heart of Metro Manila, and my attendees need not fret for travel time and availability of transportation choices! Brilliant, isn’t it?

  1. Lodgers

This amazing hotel also offers transient rooms, meaning dormitory-types! You could have your own room, twin-sharing, and one that is even good for up to 8 people! Inclusive of utilities! You can also get them at weekly and monthly rates if daily rates are not applicable based on how long you plan to stay.





This is a great deal for travelers spending more than a week in Metro Manila; you could just split the affordable rate amongst yourselves! Now, how about that!

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is offering hostel-like rates, but with better and more luxurious accommodations!  This is something I’m completely thankful for learning of!


Honestly, I could list about ten more people, but it wouldn’t be as thematic as I thought it would be with the Mitch Albom book. But one thing is for sure, you’ll all meet these people in our own version of heaven – Madison 101 Hotel + Tower!

For inquiries, bookings, and reservations, you may contact them at 723-1111 and/or 0936.911.90.39 or email them at inquiry@madison101.com.ph

You may visit their website at http://www.madison101.com.ph/ and LIKE them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/madison101ph/.

Put a good word that you read about them from here, would you please? And I would love to know if you’re planning to book your next staycation or event here soon! You’re going to love it!

Thanks, merfriend! 🙂


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TravelBook.ph celebrates their fourth year anniversary!

Oh, to travel and to explore a new city – this is probably one of the best feelings anyone will experience. That is why with the hopes of ticking off every place there is in our bucket lists, I am happy to share that booking accommodations now come in more affordable and exciting deals!

This becomes a gratifying solution on our wanderlust woes. And a culmination to how much we have been missing from not embarking into our traveling shoes and getting to places we’ve never been.

Look how now is the most opportune time to schedule your next big adventure!


Travelbook.ph, the leading local hotel booking website in the Philippines, is turning four!

And in celebration of four exciting years in the business, TravelBook.ph encourages you to explore and see the beauty of the Philippines in the coming months with ongoing exciting promos: Win a free trip to Japan for two in the Konnichi-wow: Free Trip to Japan and avail of highly affordable deals on hotels and resorts with Super Summer Sale.

unnamed (1)

In addition to the anniversary, TravelBook.ph is also celebrating a lot of huge milestones. In just four years, TravelBook.ph grew exponentially in the e-commerce industry. Its number of bookings increased up to 200% ever since they started offering affordable hotel reservations in March 2013. Today, over 3,200 local hotels and resorts are listed on their website, providing more opportunities for Filipino wanderers to travel around the country and support local tourism.

unnamed (1)

TravelBook.ph dares to brave that extra mile and achieve even more by further establishing their brand as the only online travel agency (OTA) that promotes local tourism and highlighting the unique perks and services they offer to Filipino travelers, including attractive discounts, convenient payment options, exclusive reward points, and the TravelBook.ph mobile application.

TravelBook.ph will also be releasing TravelBook magazine, the company’s official free publication that aims to inspire Filipinos to visit local destinations, meet new people, and immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture.

All these and more were officially announced to the media on TravelBook.ph’s upcoming Summer Anniversary Blowout press launch last Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.

The Philippines is undeniably full of wonders that are meant to be appreciated as well as explored. As they celebrate their fourth anniversary, TravelBook.ph encourages you to go out there and explore the amazing places in the Philippines and gain memorable travel experiences like no other.

For more details, please contact:

Mary Angeli Pasquin – Business Planning Officer


+63 (998) 840-4855  and  +63 (2) 662-1113 

Sharah Pinky Librada – Marketing Communications Officer


+63 (917) 530-7464  and  +63 (2) 662-1113

About TravelBook.ph

TravelBook.ph is one of biggest online travel e-commerce company (online travel agent or OTA) in the Philippines dedicated to offering great value hotel bookings and with a varied selection of Philippine hotels and resorts in Baguio, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Zambales, and more. A total of 3,000 of affordable hotels are currently listed in Travelbook.ph.

TravelBook.ph offers the best price guarantee with attractive discounts for hotels and resorts, and various types of payment options without a credit card:

– Pay at Hotel
– Over the Counter: banks, 7-Eleven, department stores, and payment centers

Travelbook.ph also offers exclusive reward points: Customers also automatically earn back 5% of the total amount they spend as reward points, which they can use to get discounts on their future bookings (1 point is equivalent to PHP 1.00).

Customers can also use TravelBook.ph’s convenient mobile app to book accommodations on the go. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Lastly, TravelBook.ph is a proud Philippine-based company with 24/7 support. It has a Filipino call center ready to assist customers anytime. They can be reached through these numbers:

Landline: +63 2 662 1111

Sun: +63 925 887 2835

Globe: +63 917 850 9029

Smart: +63 998 961 3012

To know more about convenient and affordable hotel bookings all over the Philippines, visit www.travelbook.ph. Follow TravelBook.ph on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TravelBook.ph/, Twitter https://twitter.com/travelbookph, and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/travelbookph/.

Now who wouldn’t want to go and travel like a pro! I suggest you pack your bags now and get ready to be WANDERFULLY LOST! 🙂

Book now at https://travelbook.ph/philippines/?affid=0423

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DIY Dumaguete-Siquijor Trip and Itinerary (5D/4N)

Going to Dumaguete and Siquijor didn’t appeal to me before because first, I don’t know anybody there, and second, I haven’t heard anything touristy about it – until I realized how wrong I was.


John (who was then the boyfriend, not until he proposed in the plane right before we landed to Dumaguete) has grandparents who live there, and part of our itinerary was to meet them. This is actually the first trip we’re having as a couple, and meeting his grandparents really placed some shivers down my spine.

Note: A long post awaits you. I wanted to give you details of our trip, as a form of reference when you go there. So go ahead and read my wanderer merfriend! 😀


We arrived on a rainy Sibulan airport, and goodie I haven’t forgotten my Cebuano, we managed to build rapport with the guards and locals, and one of which is our trusty and friendly chauffeur Kuya Judy.

He was supposed to take us to Harold’s Mansion, because that’s what I was eyeing based on the blogs I’ve read about going to Apo Island. I was thinking of placing our reservations; since we’re planning to go there on our 4th day. They were particularly difficult to contact too, since my Facebook messaging and SMS attempts remained futile, so I thought going there instead was the best idea.

Kuya Judy was so helpful because he advised that we can do Apo Island Tour on DIY. I was hesitant at first, but he said we will save a lot if we just do it ourselves. So we opt to have breakfast first at Sta. Teresa Resto. This was one of the few restaurants that are already open at 6AM.


While we eat, Kuya Judy offered to run to the Dumaguete Port to buy us ferry tickets to Siquijor, since that was also our plan after Harold’s Mansion. Kuya Judy was even offering his ID to us, just so we have something to hold from him and to ensure that he’s coming back with our tickets. He was soooo nice! But we told him we didn’t need it. 🙂


He was able to score us 10AM ferry rides to Siquijor, and since it was just around 7:00AM, he said that he can tour us in Dumaguete. I actually thought John and I are never going to tour the city because we may be pressed for time, but oh well, we can put the 3 hours to good use, so we gladly agreed.

We visited Cathedral of St. Alexandria the Diocese of Dumaguete first. The bell tower was enormous.



We also went to the Chinese Temple’s Bell Church, and offered some incenses after we used some bean-like stones and long sticks for some fortune guide. The place was well-maintained, to think that they only ask for donations. It was also undergoing renovation, and I can’t wait to go back to see how it will all turn out.



We weren’t able to snap photos inside. It was prohibited. 😦

Anyhoo, we also had the chance to get foot massages, and they were divine, and a little ticklish.


We boarded the ferry at 10AM at Dumaguete port, and arrived to the bright and happy Siquijor. We booked a tricycle and it cost us P300. I booked us to Islandia Beach Resort, and it’s located in San Juan Siquijor. It was relatively far, around 30 to 40 minute drive from the port, but once we got there, it was worth it.

We also made friends with our neighbours, and one of them was actually in the same plane, and he heard the proposal. He was like, “Kayo pala yun!”.

We checked in to Islandia Beach Resort, and was greeted by this spacious accommodation.


This reminded me of the room in Isle Esme, where Bella and Edward Cullen had their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn. What do you think?

John and I were so tired with the trip and were so amazed by our accommodation that we slept the afternoon away.  So much for our beach bumming plans. Huhu


Kuya Ronald, our driver, picked us up at 8AM, so we had breakfast early that morning, and of course had some photo-snapping opportunity too! Haha I’m so kilig how John is such a natural Instagram boyfriend, oh I mean fiancé . (He might read this blog too. Haha He’s particular with the names I call him. Hehe)


Siquijor is just a small island, and you can tour it for a day. Most travellers I know only spend a daytour here, but I thought we needed some freshening up after and a good sleep too, so I booked us 2D and 2N in Islandia.

I was so inlove with this island, and its people. Everybody was soo kind and accommodating. The entrance fees are so cheap too.

Balete Fish Spa

Entrance Fee: P10.00 per person


The fishes were so hungry that they were all looming over John’s feet. Even a milkfish joined the fun! There were a lot of foreigners there too.

If you need the loo, there is one near the place, and you just have to pay P5.00 .

In buying shirts or sandos, I recommend that store across the fish spa. I like their designs more, and the prices are cheaper. So we bought these!


San Isidro Labrador Church



It was a big and old church. You know what they say when you go to a new church, you can make a wish! So I made one, and also lit some candles.


The sun was extra sunny that day, not to mention the weather was all perfect for the tour. We couldn’t be happier.

Cambugahay Falls


Now this is my favourite. I was shocked that there was no entrance fee. When we arrived, a guy approached us and introduced himself. He is Sir Justin, and he was to be our guide. I highly advise that you avail the guides’ services; they can guide and help you while you’re trekking this beautiful attraction.

There are 3 falls in Cambugahay. The first was wide, and rather deep. Only a few people jump and stay there.


The 2nd one was shallow, and was only till the waist. It was a good place to get a water back massage.


The 3rd one was the most popular of all. The water was clean and cool. You can take turns to do the Tarzan Jump and even take the leap from the side. Our guide even taught me to face the camera while holding the wielding handle.


I was shocked to know that after my Tarzan Jump, the basin was indeed deep, and my feet didn’t reach the bottom. So I paddled and soon enough, my feet reached the bed. Haha and I was alive! I took another turn because it’s addicting like that!

I also took 2 leaps in a rather 10ft. distance. I thought it was a good way to practice for our Cebu canyoneering in November.

Cambugahay Falls Jump2Cambugahay Falls Jump6Cambugahay Falls Jump8Cambugahay Falls Jump Ninja Jump

We ended around 12noon. Actually there were people who were selling packed lunches at the entrance that cost P150.00 each, but we didn’t buy. We were thinking of having lunch somewhere else.

Salagdoong Beach



This was rather far, but the road to it was a sight to see. The trees lining the side-trails formed a wonderful view; meeting at the top too, that it forms a canopy. That is why I asked Kuya Ronald to stop, and let us have a quick photo. This was rather tricky because a lot of cars and tricycles were passing by, so we need to be quick in snapping those photos. I am so thrilled Kuya Ronald was so game to take our shots.

We were already starving, and good thing Salagdoong Beach had a mini restaurant. The prices are reasonable, although it took them a while before they served our food. Good thing, they were delicious!  It was also a good way to let time pass by as well, as we await the sun to set a little.

The beach is actually a resort, and you can book an overnight stay. I read a lot of people wanting to spend the night here, but given the time, we would too. However, Islandia Beach Resort was a sweet treat and we couldn’t leave it; maybe next time, we’ll book here!

There are two sides of the beach separated by stone landscapes. What I didn’t like though was the beach was extra rocky, and it hurt my feet pretty bad. The sand wasn’t so powdery either. The sand crystals were rather bigger than most beaches. And these made John and I realize that we should invest in aqua shoes! Haha Accio Aqua Shoes!


The water was extra wavy that day, and the current was strong. We enjoyed it all the same though, jumping in between strong waves. It’s a good work out I guess!

Torta Siquijor

John and I bought Torta as per Kuya Ronald’s recommendation. We bought 2 Tortas for us, and 10 more for Kuya Ronald and his family. 🙂

We ended the day by having a sumptuous dinner back in Islandia with our new found neighbors, I mean friends! Haha 😀



Via Galang


We woke up really early, because we had to go at 4AM for our 5AM ferry boat ride. Kuya Ronald was as punctual as ever. We got in time to Siquijor Port. We were actually worried because 5AM tickets might be sold out, but they weren’t!


You can choose to have the regular boat like the one in GL Shipping Lines that’s going to take 1 hour and 30 minutes, or Ocean Jet for only 45 minutes. Well, we already bought our tickets when we found out about these. It’s just a few tens difference, anyway. 🙂

We met Lolo and Lola, and had breakfast first at Foodnet.

Here are our cute instructions on how to get to Manjuyod Sand Bar:

  1. We took the bus going to Manjuyod in Rizal Blvd. with “Manjuyod” as the signboard. We didn’t go all the way to the terminal as it was counterproductive. So if you’re near Rizal Blvd., you could just wait for the buses that pass there. We alighted at Bais Police Station.
  2. We rode the tricycle to the port, and boarded a boat at P2,000.00 with all the 4 of us. We just added P250 each for the food.

It was a 30-minute boat ride to reach the Manjuyod Sandbar. We got there at 10AM though, so it was already high tide. But it was still beautiful. I just felt swimming sa “baha” though. Hehe There were a lot of boats nearby too, and swimming tourists.


The sand was powdery, the water and air was cool amidst the burning the sun. It was perfect, not until I got stung by a jellyfish in the arm. Thank you very much! It felt weird though, and I felt the venom making its way under my skin. Goodie we were able to ask for some vinegar in the nearby boat. It pacified the pain somehow.


So note to self, bring vinegar when you’re going to Manjuyod. Well, just a precautionary measure. 😀

We got back to the city, and checked in at Worldview Hotel.

Since we still have time, we strolled around Dumaguete and tasted the much coveted cakes of Sans Rival. They were yummy! I wonder why there is no Manila branch yet.

It was a wonderful feeling – getting lost in the city. You wouldn’t mind being lost anyway, because a tricycle will always be there to bring you to your hotel. It’s a small town, and everyone most likely know where your hotel is. Plus the tricycle fare is just P8.00 each.

We happen to stumble to an event in the Manuel L. Quezon Park.  It seemed like a dancing contest, and we stayed for a while to watch these sprightly kids take on center stage.

We had dinner in this Japanese restaurant called Misune, and the food tasted healthy and fresh! I’m definitely coming back.



It’s our Apo Island Day, and well, no tourguide! Just pure DIY! OMG! This was a first, and we felt brave channelling our adventurous selves into this new place.

Here are our cute instructions on how to get to Apo Island:

  1. We went out of the hotel at 7AM, and rode a tricyle to Siaton near Robinsons Dumaguete.
  2. Take a jeepney to Malatapay Zamboanguita.
  3. Walk towards the Apo Island port. Roughly around 10 minutes.
  4. This is the tricky part, you will rent a boat, and it would be better if you find some people who will share the boat with you, unless you’re a group with just the right number, as to minimize the cost per person. Since we’re a couple, we really need some people to share the boat with.


Boat Rentals:

4 seater – P2,000 / 6 seater – P2,500 / 8 seater – P3,000 / 10 seater – P3,500

4 seater boats usually are used first, that is why if your number is 4 below, it is better to go here early, so you can book the small boat. Good thing 4 Taiwanese travellers were in need of company too, since the only available boat is an 8-seater, we had to pay P3,000 and that’s P500.00 each. Not bad actually! Plus we made new friends!

You can buy food at the port already, because the food in Apo Island is a bit pricey, plus you still have to pay for the guide (which is required, and I also highly recommend Kuya Gerard; he was so skillful in diving and we handed him our action camera to which he took great photos of the sea), cottage table, and the gears you will use when you go swimming with the big turtles.

Apo Island1Apo Island2Apo Island6Apo Island92

The turtles were huge and beautiful. It was sad because we went a bit late; the locals said that a lot of turtles go near the shore as early as 6AM!

After snorkeling and swimming, we had our lunch and took a stroll in the island. I was shocked that there is a community here. I actually thought that this is just an island used for tourism, but no. There are schools, a village, a basketball court, a lagoon, and an overlooking view from a hill. It was a beauty to behold!

At 3PM, we decided to go back. Our new friends are very accommodating too, we had a lot of time to talk about their country, their culture, and how they love going back to the Philippines. John and I wanted to visit Taiwan soon too because of them.



Going back was just the same. You could either hire a tricycle that will bring you back to the city, that will also cost higher, or you can wait for a jeep, but this was rather a long wait than I expected. If you’re a couple or probably 3 people travelling together, waiting for a jeep may be the best thing to do. But if you’re 4 and above, I suggest that you book a tricycle, and split the fare.

Jeepneys that pass by are rather full, and may not accommodate everybody at once.

We got to Dumaguete, and picked our stuff from Worldview Hotel. And moved to Coastal Inn. I booked it way before this trip, and since saving was the priority thing I have in mind, I got attracted to its price because duuuh, it’s just P430 a night!

I was thinking that we’ll arrive late from the tour that day so we we’ll just sleep, and we don’t need anything fancy. Well, lets just say we got the value we paid for.

After getting refreshed, we went back to Sans Rival, just because. And bought pasalubongs too! We bought the Butter Silvanas for P150 a box. If you want to buy pasalubongs, it’s best to buy them here in the main branch. Airport prices are relatively higher of course.

If you’re just concerned on about them being spoiled because you haven’t brought a freezer with you, don’t fret. The silvanas are strong, haha they will just feel softer, and you can put them back in the freezer or chiller once you get home.

We had dinner in Kri. And can I just tell you, that the food was prepared like gourmet, and who would have thought that this place could serve such great food at a fraction of a price! I will blog about my review in another post.



Flight back to Manila!! We didn’t book a tricycle going to the airport, we just hailed for the bus in Rizal Blvd. 😀

Here is the breakdown of our expenses and some people you would want to contact when you go there. Enjoooy!

Kuya Judy (Dumaguete Tour) – 0905.879.86.52

Kuya Ronald (Siquijor Tour) – 0906.886.97.80

Day1Day2Day 3Day 4Day 5Total

All prices are in Philippine Peso though. 🙂 I think you can still try to maximize a budget even for as low as P8,000. We were a bit lucrative with the food, so you know where to save if ever!

I hope this blog enticed you more to visit Dumaguete and Siquijor. Promise, it’s all worth it! Please let me know your thoughts about this and comment down below! 😀



If you love travelling, you might also want to read my Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon! 🙂

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How I Got My Wedding-Singer-Kind of Engagement

While flying with clouds, low visibility, and at an altitude of 31,000 feet, some girl’s life is about to change forever.

Surreal. That’s what it is. Now, I know what it’s like to feel breathless, up in the sky, knowing your life is never going to be the same again. You don’t know if you will cling on to the idea whether this is a dream, a reality, or somewhere in between- but one thing’s for sure, this is WAAAAAAY better than all of these combined!

Via Galang 4

(Alright, brace yourself merfriends, cheeseballs coming through!)

It was 3:30 AM, and John and I are frantic to get to the airport. Our Dumaguete flight was scheduled at 5:05 AM, and we definitely cannot miss this! We’ve been planning for this trip since May 2016, and you could imagine my excitement everytime a month finishes its course in the calendar.

I was way ahead of myself, I scheduled the tours and itineraries, booked us hotels, researched every bit I could, listed down instructions on how to get to where, and where to buy what, etc. Basically, I was all travel-planny on this! (Haha I think this is me trying to console my Nov 2016-self when our Cebu trip got cancelled last year.) Until, I got to the plane.

John was extra selfie-ish when we were at the line prior to having our boarding passes printed, but I shrugged it off, maybe he was just too excited.

We got to the boarding gate, on the plane, up in the air, and because it was still dawn, I sneaked on some extra zzzzs.

Right before we land to Sibulan (Dumaguete) Airport, John woke me up. I was all sleepy, while listening to the pilot’s announcement about the landing. Then he said something really shocking that jolted out of my snoozy wits to be all alive and awake!

Pilot: One of our passengers, Mr. John Tancuan would also like to say something to the love of his life.

Whoa! Did I just hear that? I was so confused I asked John what was happening. Then, there were 2 flight attendants prodding at our rowseats’ aisle. They were both smiling at me.

Then John said, “Because I’m going to propose, that’s what’s happening.”

He then went on about me thinking and scolding him, that he wasn’t doing anything productive that week – he said, truth be told, he was just busy trying to reach some people who can help him execute his plan. Since I mentioned before that my dream proposal is suppose to take place in a high altitude (Golly, I was just thinking about a Ferris wheel, on top of a building, or maybe a hot air balloon if it’s possible!), he went extra haunt-y and tried his luck if he can get in contact with the actual crew of our flight.

And oh boy, he’s lucky!


They are just soooo sweet, and we just had to take a photo with these lovely and helpful people! It’s not everyday strangers get their heads together all for the glory of love! Turns out, all of those extra selfies were signals to the crew that we were already in the airport, and about the plan. Geez! Sneaky, and sweet. 😀


We even had the chance to take a photo in the cockpit. We were so careful not to press or hit anything!



And just like that, from light sparkles in the bar, to light sparkles around my finger. The future has never been as crystal clear as this.

More about our Dumaguete and Siquijor trip soon!

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BUKIDNONthewingsoflove: Dahilayan Adventure Park Experience

Hi there. As promised, here is the post about my recent trip to Mindanao. 🙂

dahilayan title pic


This is me waiting for boarding time. Too happy I made it just in time, as I was stuck in a bit of a traffic jam on the way, not to mention I panicked when I thought I forgot my IDs. Good thing, I didn’t! Whew! 😰

You see, I’ve lived 6 years of my life in Mindanao, specifically in Butuan, Agusan del Norte. It was a bit funny when I moved back to Manila at 14, to know that some of my classmates never heard of the place. Well I can’t blame them anyway. It’s just really a small town.

My friends who lived in Butuan organized a mini reunion. Since I haven’t seen all of them in 5 years, I thought it was a perfect chance to catch up. So I decided to go and booked a flight.


It’s my second trip for the year, and the second time I’m flying solo. I feel more comfortable now than my first, because I finally got over the jitters of traveling alone. Haha :)) I kept reminding myself to be hypervigilant just in case there are flight and airport reminders I may fail to hear because I’m too preoccupied about things.


Oh well, so I finally got to Butuan at around 8PM. My friend Mae and her husband JP fetched me at the airport, and we drove to Cagayan de Oro. It was a peaceful 3 hour drive. I was surprised I didn’t fall asleep during the ride. Perhaps I was sooo energetic that I cannot bottle up all the excitement I can feel.

We went to Caressa, who happens to live about some blocks away from my relatives’ house in the same village. And took this much overdue friendship photo. Can you believe it, we’ve been friends for 19 years?! Our dads are also friends since they were 8. Haha :)) Perks of living in a small town: you get to be friends with the children of your parents’ friends – barkada loyalty at its finest!


The next morning though, I didn’t know how much my bravery-meter can go.


I met Zarah at CDO City proper since her flight is most opportune to fit into our itinerary. And together with my friends, we drove to Bukidnon. It was just a 45-minute drive. I didn’t think it would be that near.


It was Zarah and I’s first time in Bukidnon. We were actually in awe of the wonderful pineapple plantation. We can’t imagine how sweet the soil can be to sustain and ensure the saccharine taste of each fruit.



It was humid that morning, so I was hoping against hope thay my adventure outfit would suffice to keep me cool through out the day.




I was enamored with this giant pineapple. It is such a great piece to complement the plantation.


Zarah and I took turns in taking photos with this. This is my bright and happy version.


Zarah on the other hand, chose a more whimsical vibe. 😉


I didn’t know that there are great players of football here in Bukidnon. Let alone this bull statue. Haha 😀



Back here in Mindanao, Bukidnon is known as the ‘Summer Capital of the South’ as it mimics the kind of feel and cold weather Baguio conjures up in the north.




Posing with the whole gang! Caressa is with her boyfriend Rod, while Mae is with her husband JP. Zarah and I, well, walang choice eh. Kami lang talaga. Hehe 😋


While approaching the entrance to the park, you can’t help but notice the hefty throng of trees welcoming you. It’s as if they’re saying “Welcome brave souls! Are you sure about coming up all the way here?” Haha 😃

By this time, I was already thinking about the nerve-wrecking and death-defying activities we are about to experience.


I took the liberty to take a photo of the rides and their corresponding fees.


Just in case you can’t see them properly, here is the list:

ZipXtreme Experience
Mindanao’s Favorite Extreme Playground

Zipall Package – P600
Zipline 840 m – P500
Zipline 320 m and 150 m – P250
Dropzone Single – P500
Dropzone Tandem – P750
Sky Jump – P400
Sky Jump Add-on – P300
Python Roller Zip Ride – P300
Flying Lizard – Not available at the moment 😦
Ropes Course – P200

Photo with Certificate – P100

I got the Zipxtreme Package. I thought it was really sulit. And boy was I right!

My friends didn’t avail as much. Sawa na raw sila!

Our first ride was the zipline with 320 m and 150 m!


Oh yes, I am sooo ready for this!


Zarah and I poses to remind not everyone, but ourselves that we can do this! G!


Our instructor is giving us her reminders about what to do and what not to. We were so giddy already!


And we’re off! I don’t have a GoPro with me though, so I just used my trusty LG G4 to document this Zipline experience! Haha 😀


I was holding on to my dear phone for dear life. I was scared of dropping it but even more scared of not being able to record everything. Haha Priorities in life! 😝

I am just so mesmerized by the view below. You can see that, can’t you? Haha I’m not sure what I’d like to refer to more – my face or the amazing grounds gaping up at me. Hmmm.


Next we went to Zarah’s add-on park feature: The Rope Course.

This was the same rope course KC Concepcion revelled into in her movie, Forever And a Day, with Sam Concepcion.


When asked if she was feeling KC, Zarah only said “Bakit ko ginagawa ‘to sa buhay ko?”

And my only reply was, “Ginusto mo ‘yan eh!”

But all the same, I was supportive all the way. Haha 😃



I really like this swing. Brings me back good old childhood memories. Haha And oh, just the perfect seat to watch a friend chanelling her way to safety. Go Z!


Peek-a-boo! Reminds me of Wright Park in Baguio City! I didn’t expect I can do this again here!

Knowing myself, I can truly decide not to do this rope course in a heartbeat. So I just posed some more, while my dear friend is enjoying her life (haha of what is left of it). Haha Love you Z! 😀


Next, we went to Python Roller Zipride.


Such a beautiful house locked up in a forest!



Now that we’re perfectly geared up, on to the action now! Well I didn’t take some photos for this ride because it is very jumpy.



The line wasn’t that long. So it probably took us 10 minutes of waiting before it was our turn.


I just took this photo from the web (credits to the owner who took this); you see that metal line where your harness clings on to? Normally, a zipride or a zipline will just be forming a straight line, but this roller zipride wasn’t named like that for nothing.

The supposed-straight-line is forming curves up and down, side to side with varied altitudes! So it really feels like riding the roller coaster, minus the cart and the upside-down flipping.

It’s exhilirating! OMG. Not to mention, it’s a loooooong and bumpy ride! You can even see people walking under you, and you can say hi! There was a group who even took photos of us while on the ride. Hehe

The ride is wiggly, so make sure your pockets are empty and you secure all loose articles!



Now let’s talk about the Drop Zone. OMG. I can’t even.


This ride is probably the highlight of my whole Dahilayan Adventure Park experience!


We were 6th in the queue, and when it was our turn – haha there’s no turning back of course!


Caressa was taking a video up close, while Rod, was meters away. We were raising our arms and waving them high just to alleviate the tension!


Basically, the Drop Zone is an extreme ride wherein you will be dropped from 120 meters above the ground. Yes. It’s like being dropped from 40 floors high!

**Generally, a vertical clearance from floor to ceiling of a typical condominium unit ranges from 2.4 m to 2.7 m.

OMG. To think I’m teaching real estate to my trainees! So this is how it feels being suspended in mid-air from the topmost floor of a 40-leveled building!


This is the drop, 2 seconds after I pulled the “drop trigger knot” free . Haha 😀 I felt fearless! I had to be the one to control that millisecond, which will measure up and change the way we see our bravery forever!


The lighter the riders’weight, the longer the span and curves of the drop’s swing. I suggest that if you had to do the Tandem Drop, instead of the Single, like this one – one rider can be heavier than the other or both riders are light in weight. This just applies if you want to maximize the drop experience. Hehe Your swing will be much higher and longer! Kaya magdiet bago mag Drop Zone! 😉 😅


Since the initial drop is a free fall, you will really get those butterflies in your stomach.


But the experience is totally worth it! I’m coming back for sure! After this ride, all the extreme rides you see in adventure and theme parks will just be easy-peasy! No more KJ-teasing for youuu!


Okay now for my second to the last ride (well I feel braver than ever, mind you) *breathes* is the Sky Jump.


The Sky Jump is literally jumping to your death the ground from 60 meters high. Well, that’s half of the Drop Zone. But the scary part here is that you will control when to jump.


Like that! Look at me! I am literally deciding to jump or not, for like a whole minute! I have a harness that’s classified, but I will not feel my harness for the first 30 feet! As per instructor, btw. OMG!



But then we make choices. Everyday of our beautiful lives. So in a second of that day, I decided to jump.


During this jump, all I can feel is my stomach cursing me about the crazy things I kept suspending myself into that day! Haha 😀


But there goes the harness, ruining all the fun! Haha Joke! Thank heavens for it! 😀 I am still alive and able to blog about this!


I landed like a queen! (Check how clingy I was to my crown, I mean my helmet!)


And to our final ride – Zip Zone! The loooongest Zip line!


But before that, lemme make an #ootd post! Tadaa!



I was walking in these for like 20 mins waiting for the vehicle that will bring us to the rally point. There were metals at the back, scratching my legs! If you want to be wound-free unlike me, stop moving around and stay in one place and wait for the multicab to fetch you. Hmpf!


So here we are happy and gay and still full of the YOLO spirit. Oh, just Zarah! I look so wasted already! Blame it to the 60 meter high jump!


Weeeee! This feels like flying!



From this view, you can really see everything!



Dahilayan Adventure Park is such a delight! I highly recommend this for family bonding, YOLO-ing activity with friends, team building, and even dates!
I can’t wait to bring my family here as well!

There are still other rides in the other arena like the Luge and the Zorb. But I didn’t try it anymore since I got to experience those in SG and Boracay. Plus it was closing time already. 😦

Nevertheless, I believe they are worth a try as well. Maybe next time when I come back!


This yellow aircraft can be found just outside Dahilayan Adventure Park. It is such a cool artifact, it would be a waste if we didn’t stop and pose for a photo-opp!




Caressa and Vanessa together again!


Together with the pregnant Mae! So excited to meet baby number 2!


Our very turista pose continues!


With the coolest gang of Dahilayan ever! I love you all!


It was freezing already! Bukidnon is very Baguio-ish especially at dusk.


Back in CDO again! Hunting for a dinner place..


Rod and Caressa brought us to Panagatan. It’s a resto nearby the beach. You can really hear and smell the salty breeze of the beach air here. Very summer!

Mae and JP had to go home immediately, so Rod, Caress, Zarah and I were the only ones who shared dinner.


We basically ordered seafood all the way! I ate a lot as I need a ton to replenish all those lost energy in Dahilayan. The place was swarmed by a lot of people, I suspect mostly vacationeers and tourists.

The food was divine! Their dishes were really tasteful, to think that they come in very reasonable prices.


Posing this happy V and peace sign to cap the day off. Because after this, I have to go straight to the terminal to go back to Butuan and meet my relatives.

Details about venue:

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon


Mobile No.:
0922-880-1319 and 0917-622-3204
Email: zipzoneinq@yahoo.com

You may visit their office at Parasat Centrio Ayala Mall, 3rd Floor Building (infront of Centrio Cinema), CM Recto Highway, Cagayan de Oro City
Office Hours for Zipzone’s Booking Office: Monday to Sundays 11:00AM to 8:00PM


Hope you had fun reading this as much as I did writing it. Will be writing about Day 2 next time! See you! 😃😘


dahilayan title pic